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// Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include "base/time/time.h"
#include "chrome/browser/chromeos/input_method/input_method_engine_interface.h"
#include "chromeos/ime/input_method_descriptor.h"
#include "url/gurl.h"
namespace ui {
class CandidateWindow;
class KeyEvent;
} // namespace ui
namespace ash {
namespace ime {
struct InputMethodMenuItem;
} // namespace ime
} // namespace ash
namespace chromeos {
class CompositionText;
namespace input_method {
struct KeyEventHandle;
} // namespace input_method
class InputMethodEngine : public InputMethodEngineInterface {
virtual ~InputMethodEngine();
void Initialize(scoped_ptr<InputMethodEngineInterface::Observer> observer,
const char* engine_name,
const char* extension_id,
const char* engine_id,
const std::vector<std::string>& languages,
const std::vector<std::string>& layouts,
const GURL& options_page,
const GURL& input_view);
// InputMethodEngineInterface overrides.
virtual const input_method::InputMethodDescriptor& GetDescriptor()
virtual void NotifyImeReady() OVERRIDE;
virtual bool SetComposition(int context_id,
const char* text,
int selection_start,
int selection_end,
int cursor,
const std::vector<SegmentInfo>& segments,
std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool ClearComposition(int context_id, std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool CommitText(int context_id, const char* text,
std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool SendKeyEvents(int context_id,
const std::vector<KeyboardEvent>& events) OVERRIDE;
virtual const CandidateWindowProperty&
GetCandidateWindowProperty() const OVERRIDE;
virtual void SetCandidateWindowProperty(
const CandidateWindowProperty& property) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool SetCandidateWindowVisible(bool visible,
std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool SetCandidates(int context_id,
const std::vector<Candidate>& candidates,
std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool SetCursorPosition(int context_id, int candidate_id,
std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool SetMenuItems(const std::vector<MenuItem>& items) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool UpdateMenuItems(const std::vector<MenuItem>& items) OVERRIDE;
virtual bool IsActive() const OVERRIDE;
virtual bool DeleteSurroundingText(int context_id,
int offset,
size_t number_of_chars,
std::string* error) OVERRIDE;
// IMEEngineHandlerInterface overrides.
virtual void FocusIn(
const IMEEngineHandlerInterface::InputContext& input_context) OVERRIDE;
virtual void FocusOut() OVERRIDE;
virtual void Enable() OVERRIDE;
virtual void Disable() OVERRIDE;
virtual void PropertyActivate(const std::string& property_name) OVERRIDE;
virtual void Reset() OVERRIDE;
virtual void ProcessKeyEvent(const ui::KeyEvent& key_event,
const KeyEventDoneCallback& callback) OVERRIDE;
virtual void CandidateClicked(uint32 index) OVERRIDE;
virtual void SetSurroundingText(const std::string& text, uint32 cursor_pos,
uint32 anchor_pos) OVERRIDE;
virtual void HideInputView() OVERRIDE;
void RecordHistogram(const char* name, int count);
// Converts MenuItem to InputMethodMenuItem.
void MenuItemToProperty(const MenuItem& item,
ash::ime::InputMethodMenuItem* property);
// Enables or disables overriding input view page to Virtual Keyboard window.
void EnableInputView(bool enabled);
// Descriptor of this input method.
input_method::InputMethodDescriptor descriptor_;
ui::TextInputType current_input_type_;
// True if this engine is active.
bool active_;
// ID that is used for the current input context. False if there is no focus.
int context_id_;
// Next id that will be assigned to a context.
int next_context_id_;
// This IME ID in Chrome Extension.
std::string engine_id_;
// This IME's Chrome Extension ID.
std::string extension_id_;
// This IME ID in InputMethodManager.
std::string imm_id_;
// The observer object recieving events for this IME.
scoped_ptr<InputMethodEngineInterface::Observer> observer_;
// The current preedit text, and it's cursor position.
scoped_ptr<CompositionText> composition_text_;
int composition_cursor_;
// The current candidate window.
scoped_ptr<ui::CandidateWindow> candidate_window_;
// The current candidate window property.
CandidateWindowProperty candidate_window_property_;
// Indicates whether the candidate window is visible.
bool window_visible_;
// Mapping of candidate index to candidate id.
std::vector<int> candidate_ids_;
// Mapping of candidate id to index.
std::map<int, int> candidate_indexes_;
// Used for input view window.
GURL input_view_url_;
// Used with SendKeyEvents and ProcessKeyEvent to check if the key event
// sent to ProcessKeyEvent is sent by SendKeyEvents.
const ui::KeyEvent* sent_key_event_;
// The start & end time of using this input method. This is for UMA.
base::Time start_time_;
base::Time end_time_;
} // namespace chromeos