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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/timer/timer.h"
#include "chrome/browser/chrome_notification_types.h"
#include "chrome/browser/idle.h"
#include "ui/gfx/image/image.h"
class PrefRegistrySimple;
// UpgradeDetector
// This class is a singleton class that monitors when an upgrade happens in the
// background. We basically ask Omaha what it thinks the latest version is and
// if our version is lower we send out a notification upon:
// a) Detecting an upgrade and...
// b) When we think the user should be notified about the upgrade.
// The latter happens much later, since we don't want to be too annoying.
class UpgradeDetector {
// The Homeland Security Upgrade Advisory System.
enum UpgradeNotificationAnnoyanceLevel {
UPGRADE_ANNOYANCE_NONE = 0, // What? Me worry?
UPGRADE_ANNOYANCE_CRITICAL, // Red exclamation mark.
// Returns the singleton implementation instance.
static UpgradeDetector* GetInstance();
virtual ~UpgradeDetector();
static void RegisterPrefs(PrefRegistrySimple* registry);
// Whether the user should be notified about an upgrade.
bool notify_upgrade() const { return notify_upgrade_; }
// Whether the upgrade recommendation is due to Chrome being outdated.
bool is_outdated_install() const {
return upgrade_available_ == UPGRADE_NEEDED_OUTDATED_INSTALL;
// Whether the upgrade recommendation is due to Chrome being outdated AND
// auto-update is turned off.
bool is_outdated_install_no_au() const {
return upgrade_available_ == UPGRADE_NEEDED_OUTDATED_INSTALL_NO_AU;
// Notifify this object that the user has acknowledged the critical update
// so we don't need to complain about it for now.
void acknowledge_critical_update() {
critical_update_acknowledged_ = true;
// Whether the user has acknowledged the critical update.
bool critical_update_acknowledged() const {
return critical_update_acknowledged_;
// Retrieves the right icon ID based on the degree of severity (see
// UpgradeNotificationAnnoyanceLevel, each level has an an accompanying icon
// to go with it) to display within the wrench menu.
int GetIconResourceID();
UpgradeNotificationAnnoyanceLevel upgrade_notification_stage() const {
return upgrade_notification_stage_;
enum UpgradeAvailable {
// If no update is available and current install is recent enough.
// If a regular update is available.
// If a critical update to Chrome has been installed, such as a zero-day
// fix.
// If no update to Chrome has been installed for more than the recommended
// time.
// If no update to Chrome has been installed for more than the recommended
// time AND auto-update is turned off.
// Sends out UPGRADE_RECOMMENDED notification and set notify_upgrade_.
void NotifyUpgradeRecommended();
// Triggers a critical update, which starts a timer that checks the machine
// idle state. Protected and virtual so that it could be overridden by tests.
virtual void TriggerCriticalUpdate();
UpgradeAvailable upgrade_available() const { return upgrade_available_; }
void set_upgrade_available(UpgradeAvailable available) {
upgrade_available_ = available;
void set_best_effort_experiment_updates_available(bool available) {
best_effort_experiment_updates_available_ = available;
bool critical_experiment_updates_available() const {
return critical_experiment_updates_available_;
void set_critical_experiment_updates_available(bool available) {
critical_experiment_updates_available_ = available;
void set_critical_update_acknowledged(bool acknowledged) {
critical_update_acknowledged_ = acknowledged;
void set_upgrade_notification_stage(UpgradeNotificationAnnoyanceLevel stage) {
upgrade_notification_stage_ = stage;
// Initiates an Idle check. See IdleCallback below.
void CheckIdle();
// The callback for the IdleCheck. Tells us whether Chrome has received any
// input events since the specified time.
void IdleCallback(IdleState state);
// Triggers a global notification of the specified |type|.
void TriggerNotification(chrome::NotificationType type);
// Whether any software updates are available (experiment updates are tracked
// separately via additional member variables below).
UpgradeAvailable upgrade_available_;
// Whether "best effort" experiment updates are available.
bool best_effort_experiment_updates_available_;
// Whether "critical" experiment updates are available.
bool critical_experiment_updates_available_;
// Whether the user has acknowledged the critical update.
bool critical_update_acknowledged_;
// A timer to check to see if we've been idle for long enough to show the
// critical warning. Should only be set if |upgrade_available_| is
base::RepeatingTimer<UpgradeDetector> idle_check_timer_;
// The stage at which the annoyance level for upgrade notifications is at.
UpgradeNotificationAnnoyanceLevel upgrade_notification_stage_;
// Whether we have waited long enough after detecting an upgrade (to see
// is we should start nagging about upgrading).
bool notify_upgrade_;