Remove undesirable JNI lib list in makefile.

Cherrypick of ag/10846513
We were listing the JNI libraries explicitly with
LOCAL_PREBUILT_JNI_LIBS in the WebView prebuilt makefile - this hasn't
been necessary for some time, and actually causes any other .so in the
APK to be removed at build time, which is now removing the crashpad
trampoline .so and probably causing crashpad to not work correctly on
the preinstalled version as a result.

Just drop it entirely - the .so files are all preserved in the APK by

Fixes: 152435891
Test: m; examine /product/app/webview/webview.apk
Change-Id: I047c0aedc4b332897a32a7f3a75a036d36b32bc1
1 file changed
tree: df77d729ef6aa01bc2f838d14988d03e053e5709
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Building the Chromium-based WebView in AOSP is no longer supported or required. WebView can now be built entirely from the Chromium source code.

Docs on how to build WebView from Chromium for use in AOSP are available here:

For questions about building WebView, please contact our mailing list:!forum/android-webview-dev

The prebuilt APKs provided here are built from Chromium upstream sources; you should check the commit message to see the version number for a particular prebuilt. The version number is formatted like “12.0.3456.789” and matches the tag in the Chromium repository it was built from.

If you want to build your own WebView, you should generally build the latest stable version, not the version published here: newer versions have important security and stability improvements.