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// Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <string>
#include "proxy_resolver_js_bindings.h"
#include "proxy_resolver_v8_wrapper.h"
namespace net {
class ProxyErrorListener {
virtual ~ProxyErrorListener() {}
virtual void AlertMessage(const std::string& message) = 0;
virtual void ErrorMessage(const std::string& error) = 0;
// Implementation of ProxyResolver that uses V8 to evaluate PAC scripts.
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// !!! Important note on threading model:
// ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// There can be only one instance of V8 running at a time. To enforce this
// constraint, ProxyResolverV8 holds a v8::Locker during execution. Therefore
// it is OK to run multiple instances of ProxyResolverV8 on different threads,
// since only one will be running inside V8 at a time.
// It is important that *ALL* instances of V8 in the process be using
// v8::Locker. If not there can be race conditions beween the non-locked V8
// instances and the locked V8 instances used by ProxyResolverV8 (assuming they
// run on different threads).
// This is the case with the V8 instance used by chromium's renderer -- it runs
// on a different thread from ProxyResolver (renderer thread vs PAC thread),
// and does not use locking since it expects to be alone.
class ProxyResolverV8 {
// Constructs a ProxyResolverV8 with custom bindings. ProxyResolverV8 takes
// ownership of |custom_js_bindings| and deletes it when ProxyResolverV8
// is destroyed.
explicit ProxyResolverV8(ProxyResolverJSBindings* custom_js_bindings);
// This constructor should only be used for test.
explicit ProxyResolverV8(ProxyResolverJSBindings* custom_js_bindings,
ProxyErrorListener* error_listener);
virtual ~ProxyResolverV8();
ProxyResolverJSBindings* js_bindings() { return js_bindings_; }
virtual int GetProxyForURL(const std::u16string& spec, const std::u16string& host,
std::u16string* results);
virtual void PurgeMemory();
virtual int SetPacScript(const std::u16string& script_data);
// Context holds the Javascript state for the most recently loaded PAC
// script. It corresponds with the data from the last call to
// SetPacScript().
class Context;
Context* context_;
ProxyResolverJSBindings* js_bindings_;
ProxyErrorListener* error_listener_;
static bool initialized_for_this_process_;
} // namespace net