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=== PREFACE ===
NOTE: The files in chromite/ are currently only used for testing. The actual
files used by releases live in crostools/signer_instructions/. The program
managers would prefer to keep them internal for now.
=== OVERVIEW ===
This directory holds instruction files that are used when uploading files for
signing with official keys. The pushimage script will process them to create
output instruction files which are then posted to a Google Storage bucket that
the signing processes watch. The input files tell pushimage how to operate,
and output files tell the signer how to operate.
This file covers things that pushimage itself cares about. It does not get into
the fields that the signer utilizes. See REFERENCES below for that.
=== FILES ===
DEFAULT.instructions - default values for all boards/artifacts; loaded first
DEFAULT.$TYPE.instructions - default values for all boards for a specific type
$BOARD.instructions - default values for all artifacts for $BOARD, and used for
recovery images
$BOARD.$TYPE.instructions - values specific to a board and artifact type; see
the --sign-types argument to pushimage
=== FORMAT ===
There are a few main sections that pushimage cares about:
[insns.XXX] (Where XXX can be anything)
Other sections are passed through to the signer untouched, and many fields in
the above sections are also unmodified.
The keys that pushimage looks at are:
channels = comma/space delimited list of the channels to flag for signing
keysets = comma/space delimited list of the keysets to use when signing
A bunch of fields will also be clobbered in the [general] section as pushimage
writes out metadata based on the command line flags/artifacts.
When you want to sign a single board/artifact type for multiple channels or
keysets, simply list them in insns.channels and insn.keysets. The pushimage
script will take care of posting to the right subdirs and creating unique
filenames based on those.
When you want to sign multiple artifacts for a single board (and all the same
artifact type), you need to use the multiple input form instead. When you
create multiple sections that start with "insns.", pushimage will overlay that
on top of the insns section, and then produce multiple ouput requests.
So if you wrote a file like:
channel = dev
keyset = Zinger
input_files = zinger/ec.bin
keyset = Hoho
input_files = hoho/ec.bin
Pushimage will produce two requests for the signer:
channel = dev
keyset = Zinger
input_files = zinger/ec.bin
channel = dev
keyset = Hoho
input_files = hoho/ec.bin
For details on the fields that the signer uses: