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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Library for gcloud operations."""
from __future__ import print_function
import re
from chromite.compute import compute_configs
from chromite.lib import cros_build_lib
from chromite.lib import cros_logging as logging
from chromite.lib import osutils
from chromite.lib import timeout_util
class GCContextException(Exception):
"""Base exception for this module."""
# Wrap RunCommandError exceptions to distinguish the exceptions raised
# by commands we invoke from those that could be thrown by others who
# use RunCommand.
class GCCommandError(GCContextException, cros_build_lib.RunCommandError):
"""Thrown when an error happened we couldn't decode."""
class ZoneNotSpecifiedError(GCContextException):
"""Raised when zone is not specified for a zone-specific command."""
class GCContext(object):
"""A wrapper around the gcloud commandline tool.
Currently supports only `gcloud compute`.
def __init__(self, project, zone=None, quiet=False, dry_run=False):
"""Initializes GCContext.
project: The Google Cloud project to use.
zone: The default zone to operate on when zone is not given for a
zone-specific command.
quiet: If set True, skip any user prompts and use the default value.
dry_run: If True, don't actually interact with the GCE project.
self.project = project = zone
self.quiet = quiet
self.dry_run = dry_run
def _GetBaseComputeCommand(cls):
"""Returns the base Google Compute Engine command."""
def DoCommand(self, cmd, **kwargs):
"""Runs |cmd|.
cmd: The command to run.
project: The project to use. Defaults to using self.project.
quiet: Suppress user prompts from the gcloud cli.
zone: The zone to use. Elided by default.
kwargs: See cros_build_lib.RunCommand.
cmd = self._GetBaseComputeCommand() + cmd
cmd += ['--project', kwargs.pop('project', self.project)]
if kwargs.pop('quiet', self.quiet):
cmd += ['--quiet']
zone = kwargs.pop('zone', None)
if zone:
cmd += ['--zone', zone]
if self.dry_run:
logging.debug('%s: Would have run: %s',
self.__class__.__name__, cmd)
return cros_build_lib.RunCommand(cmd, **kwargs)
except cros_build_lib.RunCommandError as e:
# We do not get a consistent error if the gcloud SDK is not installed, so
# we must always check.
if osutils.Which(self.GCLOUD_BASE_COMMAND) is None:
logging.error('Could not find command "%s". '
'Have you installed the google cloud SDK?',
raise GCCommandError(e.msg, e.result, e.exception)
def DoZoneSpecificCommand(self, cmd, **kwargs):
"""Runs the zone-specific |cmd|.
cmd: The command to run.
zone: The zone to use. Defaults to using
kwargs: See DoCommand.
if not kwargs.get('zone'):
# To avoid ambiguity, force user to specify a zone (or a default
# zone) when accessing zone-specific resources.
raise ZoneNotSpecifiedError()
return self.DoCommand(cmd, **kwargs)
def CopyFilesToInstance(self, instance, src, dest, **kwargs):
"""Copies files from |src| to |dest| on |instance|.
instance: Name of the instance.
src: The source path.
dest: The destination path.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
return self._CopyFiles(src, '%s:%s' % (instance, dest), **kwargs)
def CopyFilesFromInstance(self, instance, src, dest, **kwargs):
"""Copies files from |src| on |instance| to local |dest|.
instance: Name of the instance.
src: The source path.
dest: The destination path.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
return self._CopyFiles('%s:%s' % (instance, src), dest, **kwargs)
def _CopyFiles(self, src, dest, ssh_key_file=None, user=None, **kwargs):
"""Copies files from |src| to |dest|.
instance: Name of the instance.
src: The source path (a local path or user:instance@path).
dest: The destination path (a local path or user:instance@path).
ssh_key_file: File containing private key for SSH.
user: User to SSH as.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
command = ['copy-files']
if ssh_key_file:
command += ['--ssh-key-file', ssh_key_file]
if user:
dest = '%s@%s' % (user, dest)
command += [src, dest]
return self.DoZoneSpecificCommand(command, **kwargs)
def SSH(self, instance, user=None, cmd=None, ssh_key_file=None, **kwargs):
"""SSH into |instance|. Run |cmd| if it is provided.
instance: Name of the instance.
user: User to SSH as.
cmd: Command to run on |instance|.
ssh_key_file: File containing private key for SSH.
ssh_cmd = ['ssh']
if user:
ssh_cmd += ['%s@%s' % (user, instance)]
ssh_cmd += [instance]
if cmd:
ssh_cmd += ['--command', cmd]
if ssh_key_file:
ssh_cmd += ['--ssh-key-file', ssh_key_file]
return self.DoZoneSpecificCommand(ssh_cmd, **kwargs)
def ListInstances(self, **kwargs):
"""Lists all instances."""
return self.DoCommand(['instances', 'list'], **kwargs)
def ListDisks(self, **kwargs):
"""Lists all disks."""
return self.DoCommand(['disks', 'list'], **kwargs)
def ListImages(self, **kwargs):
"""Lists all instances."""
return self.DoCommand(['images', 'list'], **kwargs)
def CreateImage(self, image, source_uri=None, disk=None, **kwargs):
"""Creates an image from |source_uri| or |disk|.
image: The name of image to create.
source_uri: The tar.gz image file (e.g. gs://foo/bar/image.tar.gz)
disk: The source disk to create the image from. One and only one of
|source_uril| and |disk| should be set.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
if source_uri and disk:
raise GCContextException('Cannot specify both source uri and disk.')
cmd = ['images', 'create', image]
if disk:
cmd += ['--source-disk', disk]
zone = kwargs.get('zone',
if zone:
# Disks are zone-specific resources.
cmd += ['--source-disk-zone', zone]
if source_uri:
cmd += ['--source-uri', source_uri]
return self.DoCommand(cmd, **kwargs)
def GetInstanceIP(self, instance, **kwargs):
"""Returns an instance's ephemeral external IP address.
May not work with all network configurations.
# It sure would be nice if there were an easier way to fetch
# the instance's ephemeral IP address...
description = self.DoZoneSpecificCommand(
['instances', 'describe', instance, '--format', 'text'],
redirect_stdout=True, **kwargs).output
match ='natIP: ([.0-9]+)', description)
if match:
raise GCContextException('Unable to parse instance IP. '
'"gcloud compute instances describe %s": %s'
% (instance, description))
def CreateInstance(self, instance, image=None, machine_type=None,
network=None, address=None, wait_until_sshable=True,
scopes=None, disks=None, **kwargs):
"""Creates an |instance|.
Additionally, if an image is provided, adds a custom metadata pair to
identify the the image used to create the instance.
instance: The name of the instance to create.
image: The source image to create |instance| from.
machine_type: The machine type to use.
network: An existing network to create the instance in.
address: The external IP address to assign to |instance|.
wait_until_sshable: After creating |instance|, wait until
we can ssh into |instance|.
scopes: The list (or tuple) of service account scopes.
disks: A list of disks to attach. Each entry in the list is a dict of
properties to use for the disk.
kwargs: See DoZoneSpecificCommand.
cmd = ['instances', 'create', instance]
if image:
cmd += ['--image', image]
cmd += ['--metadata',
'%s="%s"' % (compute_configs.METADATA_IMAGE_NAME, image)]
if network is not None:
cmd += ['--network', network]
if address is not None:
cmd += ['--address', address]
if machine_type is not None:
cmd += ['--machine-type', machine_type]
if scopes is not None:
cmd += ['--scopes', ','.join(list(scopes))]
if disks is not None:
for disk in disks:
properties = ['%s=%s' % (key, val)
for key, val in disk.iteritems()]
cmd += ['--disk', ','.join(properties)]
ret = self.DoZoneSpecificCommand(cmd, **kwargs)
if wait_until_sshable:
def _IsUp():
instance_ip = self.GetInstanceIP(instance, **kwargs)
command = ['nc', '-zv', instance_ip, '22']
cros_build_lib.RunCommand(command, capture_output=True)
except cros_build_lib.RunCommandError:
return False
return True
try:'Waiting for the instance to be sshable...')
timeout = 60 * 5
timeout_util.WaitForReturnTrue(_IsUp, timeout, period=5)
except timeout_util.TimeoutError:
raise GCContextException('Timed out wating to ssh into the instance')
return ret
def DeleteInstance(self, instance, quiet=False, keep_disks=None, **kwargs):
"""Deletes |instance|.
instance: Name of the instance.
quiet: Silent delete instance without prompting the user.
keep_disks: Keep the type of the disk; valid types are
'boot', 'data', and 'all'.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
cmd = ['instances', 'delete', instance]
if quiet:
cmd += ['-q']
if keep_disks:
cmd += ['--keep-disks', keep_disks]
return self.DoZoneSpecificCommand(cmd, **kwargs)
def DeleteImage(self, image, **kwargs):
"""Deletes |image|. User will be prompted to confirm.
image: Name of the image.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
return self.DoCommand(['images', 'delete', image], **kwargs)
def DeleteDisk(self, disk, **kwargs):
"""Deletes |disk|.
disk: Name of the disk.
kwargs: See DoCommand.
cmd = ['disks', 'delete', disk]
return self.DoZoneSpecificCommand(cmd, **kwargs)