Mandatory to understand and do: 0) The issue you are trying to fix/resolve has to have the “approved” label.

  1. Put in the description of Pull Request the reference to an issue if it exists. Example: “Issue: #XXXXXX”
  2. Commit message should adhere to the following rules: a) Must match one of the following patterns:\n" ^Issue #\d+: .$ ^Pull #\d+: .$ ^(minor|config|infra|doc|spelling): .*$ b) It contains only one line of text c) Must not end with a period, space, or tab d) Commit message should be less than or equal to 200 characters

To avoid multiple iterations of fixes and CIs failures, please read

ATTENTION: We are not merging Pull Requests that are not passing our CIs, but we will help to resolve issues.

Thanks for reading, remove whole this message and type what you need.