Release notes

Older versions
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  • TEMPLATE_PRODUCT_TEST_CASE now uses the resulting type in the name, instead of the serial number (#1544)
  • Catch2's single header is now strictly ASCII (#1542)
  • Added generator for random integral/floating point types
    • The types are inferred within the random helper
  • Added back RangeGenerator (#1526)
    • RangeGenerator returns elements within a certain range
  • Added ChunkGenerator generic transform (#1538)
    • A ChunkGenerator returns the elements from different generator in chunks of n elements
  • Added UNSCOPED_INFO (#415, #983, #1522)
    • This is a variant of INFO that lives until next assertion/end of the test case.


  • All calls to C stdlib functions are now std:: qualified (#1541)
    • Code brought in from Clara was also updated.
  • Running tests will no longer open the specified output file twice (#1545)
    • This would cause trouble when the file was not a file, but rather a named pipe
    • Fixes the CLion/Resharper integration with Catch
  • Fixed -Wunreachable-code occuring with (old) ccache+cmake+clang combination (#1540)
  • Fixed -Wdefaulted-function-deleted warning with Clang 8 (#1537)
  • Catch2's type traits and helpers are now properly namespaced inside Catch:: (#1548)
  • Fixed std{out,err} redirection for failing test (#1514, #1525)
    • Somehow, this bug has been present for well over a year before it was reported


  • ParseAndAddCatchTests now properly escapes commas in the test name



  • The JUnit reporter now also reports random seed (#1520, #1521)


  • The TAP reporter now formats comments with test name properly (#1529)
  • CATCH_REQUIRE_THROWS's internals were unified with REQUIRE_THROWS (#1536)
    • This fixes a potential -Wunused-value warning when used
  • Fixed a potential segfault when using any of the --list-* options (#1533, #1534)


With this release the data generator feature is now fully supported.


  • Added TEMPLATE_PRODUCT_TEST_CASE (#1454, #1468)
    • This allows you to easily test various type combinations, see documentation for details
  • The error message for && and || inside assertions has been improved (#1273, #1480)
  • The error message for chained comparisons inside assertions has been improved (#1481)
  • Added StringMaker specialization for std::optional (#1510)
  • The generator interface has been redone once again (#1516)
    • It is no longer considered experimental and is fully supported
    • The new interface supports “Input” generators
    • The generator documentation has been fully updated
    • We also added 2 generator examples


  • Fixed -Wredundant-move on newer Clang (#1474)
  • Removed unreachable mentions std::current_exception, std::rethrow_exception in no-exceptions mode (#1462)
    • This should fix compilation with IAR
  • Fixed missing <type_traits> include (#1494)
  • Fixed various static analysis warnings
    • Unrestored stream state in XmlWriter (#1489)
    • Potential division by zero in estimateClockResolution (#1490)
    • Uninitialized member in RunContext (#1491)
    • SourceLineInfo move ops are now marked noexcept
    • CATCH_BREAK_INTO_DEBUGGER is now always a function
  • Fix double run of a test case if user asks for a specific section (#1394, #1492)
  • ANSI colour code output now respects -o flag and writes to the file as well (#1502)
  • Fixed detection of std::variant support for compilers other than Clang (#1511)


  • ParseAndAddCatchTests has learned how to use DISABLED CTest property (#1452)
  • ParseAndAddCatchTests now works when there is a whitspace before the test name (#1493)


  • We added new issue templates for reporting issues on GitHub
  • has been updated to reflect the current test status (#1484)



  • Added support for templated tests via TEMPLATE_TEST_CASE (#1437)


  • Fixed compilation of PredicateMatcher<const char*> by removing partial specialization of MatcherMethod<T*>
  • Listeners now implicitly support any verbosity (#1426)
  • Fixed compilation with Embarcadero builder by introducing Catch::isnan polyfill (#1438)
  • Fixed CAPTURE asserting for non-trivial captures (#1436, #1448)


  • We should now be providing first party Conan support via (#1443)
  • Added new section “deprecations and planned changes” to the documentation
    • It contains summary of what is deprecated and might change with next major version
  • From this release forward, the released headers should be pgp signed (#430)



  • XmlReporter now also outputs the RNG seed that was used in a run (#1404)
  • Catch::Session::applyCommandLine now also accepts wchar_t arguments.
    • However, Catch2 still does not support unicode.
  • Added STATIC_REQUIRE macro (#1356, #1362)
  • Catch2‘s singleton’s are now cleaned up even if tests are run (#1411)
    • This is mostly useful as a FP prevention for users who define their own main.
  • Specifying an invalid reporter via -r is now reported sooner (#1351, #1422)


  • Stringification no longer assumes that char is signed (#1399, #1407)
    • This caused a Wtautological-compare warning.
  • SFINAE for operator<< no longer sees different overload set than the actual insertion (#1403)


  • catch_discover_tests correctly adds tests with comma in name (#1327, #1409)
  • Added a new customization point in how the tests are launched to catch_discover_tests



  • Added a StringMaker for std::(w)string_view (#1375, #1376)
  • Added a StringMaker for std::variant (#1380)
    • This one is disabled by default to avoid increased compile-time drag
  • Added detection for cygwin environment without std::to_string (#1396, #1397)


  • UnorderedEqualsMatcher will no longer accept erroneously accept vectors that share suffix, but are not permutation of the desired vector
  • Abort after (-x N) can no longer be overshot by nested REQUIRES and subsequently ignored (#1391, #1392)


This release brings two new experimental features, generator support and a -fno-exceptions support. Being experimental means that they will not be subject to the usual stability guarantees provided by semver.


  • Various small runtime performance improvements
  • CAPTURE macro is now variadic
  • Added AND_GIVEN macro (#1360)
  • Added experimental support for data generators
  • Added support for compiling and running Catch without exceptions


  • Suppressed -Wnon-virtual-dtor warnings in Matchers (#1357)
  • Suppressed -Wunreachable-code warnings in floating point matchers (#1350)


  • It is now possible to override which Python is used to run Catch's tests (#1365)
  • Catch now provides infrastructure for adding tests that check compile-time configuration
  • Catch no longer tries to install itself when used as a subproject (#1373)
  • Catch2ConfigVersion.cmake is now generated as arch-independent (#1368)
    • This means that installing Catch from 32-bit machine and copying it to 64-bit one works
    • This fixes conan installation of Catch


This release changes the include paths provided by our CMake and pkg-config integration. The proper include path for the single-header when using one of the above is now <catch2/catch.hpp>. This change also necessitated changes to paths inside the repository, so that the single-header version is now at single_include/catch2/catch.hpp, rather than single_include/catch.hpp.


  • Fixed Objective-C++ build
  • -Wunused-variable suppression no longer leaks from Catch's header under Clang
  • Implementation of the experimental new output capture can now be disabled (#1335)
    • This allows building Catch2 on platforms that do not provide things like dup or tmpfile.
  • The JUnit and XML reporters will no longer skip over successful tests when running without -s (#1264, #1267, #1310)
    • See improvements for more details


  • pkg-config and CMake integration has been rewritten
    • If you use them, the new include path is #include <catch2/catch.hpp>
    • CMake installation now also installs scripts from contrib/
    • For details see the new documentation
  • Reporters now have a new customization point, ReporterPreferences::shouldReportAllAssertions
    • When this is set to false and the tests are run without -s, passing assertions are not sent to the reporter.
    • Defaults to false.
  • Added DYNAMIC_SECTION, a section variant that constructs its name using stream
    • This means that you can do DYNAMIC_SECTION("For X := " << x).


To fix some of the bugs, some behavior had to change in potentially breaking manner. This means that even though this is a patch release, it might not be a drop-in replacement.


  • Listeners are now called before reporter
    • This was always documented to be the case, now it actually works that way
  • Catch's commandline will no longer accept multiple reporters
    • This was done because multiple reporters never worked properly and broke things in non-obvious ways
    • This has potential to be a breaking change
  • MinGW is now detected as Windows platform w/o SEH support (#1257)
    • This means that Catch2 no longer tries to use POSIX signal handling when compiled with MinGW
  • Fixed potential UB in parsing tags using non-ASCII characters (#1266)
    • Note that Catch2 still supports only ASCII test names/tags/etc
  • TEST_CASE_METHOD can now be used on classnames containing commas (#1245)
    • You have to enclose the classname in extra set of parentheses
  • Fixed insufficient alt stack size for POSIX signal handling (#1225)
  • Fixed compilation error on Android due to missing std::to_string in C++11 mode (#1280)
  • Fixed the order of user-provided FALLBACK_STRINGIFIER in stringification machinery (#1024)
    • It was intended to be replacement for built-in fallbacks, but it was used after them.
    • This has potential to be a breaking change
  • Fixed compilation error when a type has an operator<< with templated lhs (#1285, #1306)


  • Added a new, experimental, output capture (#1243)
    • This capture can also redirect output written via C apis, e.g. printf
    • To opt-in, define CATCH_CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL_REDIRECT in the implementation file
  • Added a new fallback stringifier for classes derived from std::exception
    • Both StringMaker specialization and operator<< overload are given priority


  • contrib/ now contains dbg scripts that skip over Catch's internals (#904, #1283)
    • gdbinit for gdb lldbinit for lldb
  • CatchAddTests.cmake no longer strips whitespace from tests (#1265, #1281)
  • Online documentation now describes --use-colour option (#1263)



  • Fixed bug in WithinAbs::match() failing spuriously (#1228)
  • Fixed clang-tidy diagnostic about virtual call in destructor (#1226)
  • Reduced the number of GCC warnings suppression leaking out of the header (#1090, #1091)
    • Only -Wparentheses should be leaking now
  • Added upper bound on the time benchmark timer calibration is allowed to take (#1237)
    • On platforms where std::chrono::high_resolution_clock's resolution is low, the calibration would appear stuck
  • Fixed compilation error when stringifying static arrays of unsigned chars (#1238)


  • XML encoder now hex-encodes invalid UTF-8 sequences (#1207)
    • This affects xml and junit reporters
    • Some invalid UTF-8 parts are left as is, e.g. surrogate pairs. This is because certain extensions of UTF-8 allow them, such as WTF-8.
  • CLR objects (T^) can now be stringified (#1216)
    • This affects code compiled as C++/CLI
  • Added PredicateMatcher, a matcher that takes an arbitrary predicate function (#1236)


  • Modified CMake-installed pkg-config to allow #include <catch.hpp>(#1239)
    • The plans to standardize on #include <catch2/catch.hpp> are still in effect



  • Fixed compilation error when compiling Catch2 with std=c++17 against libc++ (#1214)
    • Clara (Catch2's CLI parsing library) used std::optional without including it explicitly
  • Fixed Catch2 return code always being 0 (#1215)
    • In the words of STL, “We feel superbad about letting this in”



  • Hidden tests are not listed by default when listing tests (#1175)
    • This makes catch_discover_tests CMake script work better
  • Fixed regression that meant <windows.h> could potentially not be included properly (#1197)
  • Fixed installing Catch2ConfigVersion.cmake when Catch2 is a subproject.


  • Added an option to warn (+ exit with error) when no tests were ran (#1158)
    • Use as -w NoTests
  • Added provisional support for Emscripten (#1114)
  • Added a way to override the fallback stringifier (#1024)
    • This allows project's own stringification machinery to be easily reused for Catch
  • Catch::Session::run() now accepts char const * const *, allowing it to accept array of string literals (#1031, #1178)
    • The embedded version of Clara was bumped to v1.1.3
  • Various minor performance improvements
  • Added support for DJGPP DOS crosscompiler (#1206)



  • Fixed compilation error with -fno-rtti (#1165)
  • Fixed NoAssertion warnings
  • operator<< is used before range-based stringification (#1172)
  • Fixed -Wpedantic warnings (extra semicolons and binary literals) (#1173)


  • Added CATCH_VERSION_{MAJOR,MINOR,PATCH} macros (#1131)
  • Added BrightYellow colour for use in reporters (#979)
    • It is also used by ConsoleReporter for reconstructed expressions

Other changes

  • Catch is now exported as a CMake package and linkable target (#1170)



  • Static arrays are now properly stringified like ranges across MSVC/GCC/Clang
  • Embedded newer version of Clara -- v1.1.1
    • This should fix some warnings dragged in from Clara
  • MSVC's CLR exceptions are supported


  • Fixed compilation when comparison operators do not return bool (#1147)
  • Fixed CLR exceptions blowing up the executable during translation (#1138)

Other changes

  • Many CMake changes
    • NO_SELFTEST option is deprecated, use BUILD_TESTING instead.
    • Catch specific CMake options were prefixed with CATCH_ for namespacing purposes
    • Other changes to simplify Catch2's packaging



  • Various performance improvements
    • On top of the performance regression fixes
  • Experimental support for PCH was added (#1061)
  • CATCH_CONFIG_EXTERNAL_INTERFACES now brings in declarations of Console, Compact, XML and JUnit reporters
  • MatcherBase no longer has a pointless second template argument
  • Reduced the number of warning suppressions that leak into user's code
    • Bugs in g++ 4.x and 5.x mean that some of them have to be left in


  • Fixed performance regression from Catch classic
    • One of the performance improvement patches for Catch classic was not applied to Catch2
  • Fixed platform detection for iOS (#1084)
  • Fixed compilation when g++ is used together with libc++ (#1110)
  • Fixed TeamCity reporter compilation with the single header version
    • To fix the underlying issue we will be versioning reporters in single_include folder per release
  • The XML reporter will now report WARN messages even when not used with -s
  • Fixed compilation when VectorContains matcher was combined using && (#1092)
  • Fixed test duration overflowing after 10 seconds (#1125, #1129)
  • Fixed std::uncaught_exception deprecation warning (#1124)

New features

  • New Matchers
    • Regex matcher for strings, Matches.
    • Set-equal matcher for vectors, UnorderedEquals
    • Floating point matchers, WithinAbs and WithinULP.
  • Stringification now attempts to decompose all containers (#606)
    • Containers are objects that respond to ADL begin(T) and end(T).

Other changes

  • Reporters will now be versioned in the single_include folder to ensure their compatibility with the last released version


Breaking changes

  • Removed C++98 support
  • Removed legacy reporter support
  • Removed legacy generator support
    • Generator support will come back later, reworked
  • Removed Catch::toString support
    • The new stringification machinery uses Catch::StringMaker specializations first and operator<< overloads second.
  • Removed legacy SCOPED_MSG and SCOPED_INFO macros
    • CATCH_REGISTER_REPORTER should be used to register reporters
  • Removed legacy [hide] tag
    • [.], [.foo] and [!hide] are still supported
  • Output into debugger is now colourized
  • *_THROWS_AS(expr, exception_type) now unconditionally appends const& to the exception type.
  • CATCH_CONFIG_FAST_COMPILE now affects the CHECK_ family of assertions as well as REQUIRE_ family of assertions
    • This is most noticeable in CHECK(throws()), which would previously report failure, properly stringify the exception and continue. Now it will report failure and stop executing current section.
  • Removed deprecated matcher utility functions Not, AllOf and AnyOf.
    • They are superseded by operators !, && and ||, which are natural and do not have limited arity
  • Removed support for non-const comparison operators
    • Non-const comparison operators are an abomination that should not exist
    • They were breaking support for comparing function to function pointer
  • std::pair and std::tuple are no longer stringified by default
    • This is done to avoid dragging in <tuple> and <utility> headers in common path
    • Their stringification can be enabled per-file via new configuration macros
  • Approx is subtly different and hopefully behaves more as users would expect
    • Approx::scale defaults to 0.0
    • Approx::epsilon no longer applies to the larger of the two compared values, but only to the Approx's value
    • INFINITY == Approx(INFINITY) returns true


  • Reporters and Listeners can be defined in files different from the main file
    • The file has to define CATCH_CONFIG_EXTERNAL_INTERFACES before including catch.hpp.
  • Errors that happen during set up before main are now caught and properly reported once main is entered
    • If you are providing your own main, you can access and use these as well.
  • New assertion macros, *_THROWS_MATCHES(expr, exception_type, matcher) are provided
    • As the arguments suggest, these allow you to assert that an expression throws desired type of exception and pass the exception to a matcher.
  • JUnit reporter no longer has significantly different output for test cases with and without sections
  • Most assertions now support expressions containing commas (ie REQUIRE(foo() == std::vector<int>{1, 2, 3});)
  • Catch now contains experimental micro benchmarking support
    • See projects/SelfTest/Benchmark.tests.cpp for examples
    • The support being experiment means that it can be changed without prior notice
  • Catch uses new CLI parsing library (Clara)
    • Users can now easily add new command line options to the final executable
    • This also leads to some changes in Catch::Session interface
  • All parts of matchers can be removed from a TU by defining CATCH_CONFIG_DISABLE_MATCHERS
    • This can be used to somewhat speed up compilation times
  • An experimental implementation of CATCH_CONFIG_DISABLE has been added
    • Inspired by Doctest's DOCTEST_CONFIG_DISABLE
    • Useful for implementing tests in source files
      • ie for functions in anonymous namespaces
    • Removes all assertions
    • Prevents TEST_CASE registrations
    • Exception translators are not registered
    • Reporters are not registered
    • Listeners are not registered
  • Reporters/Listeners are now notified of fatal errors
    • This means specific signals or structured exceptions
    • The Reporter/Listener interface provides default, empty, implementation to preserve backward compatibility
  • Stringification of std::chrono::duration and std::chrono::time_point is now supported
    • Needs to be enabled by a per-file compile time configuration option
  • Add pkg-config support to CMake install command


  • Don't use console colour if running in XCode
  • Explicit constructor in reporter base class
  • Swept out -Wweak-vtables, -Wexit-time-destructors, -Wglobal-constructors warnings
  • Compilation for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is supported
    • SEH handling and colorized output are disabled when compiling for UWP
  • Implemented a workaround for std::uncaught_exception issues in libcxxrt
    • These issues caused incorrect section traversals
    • The workaround is only partial, user's test can still trigger the issue by using throw; to rethrow an exception
  • Suppressed C4061 warning under MSVC

Internal changes

  • The development version now uses .cpp files instead of header files containing implementation.
    • This makes partial rebuilds much faster during development
  • The expression decomposition layer has been rewritten
  • The evaluation layer has been rewritten
  • New library (TextFlow) is used for formatting text to output

Older versions



  • Fixed missing include


  • Fixed deprecation warning in ScopedMessage::~ScopedMessage
  • All uses of min or max identifiers are now wrapped in parentheses
    • This avoids problems when Windows headers define min and max macros


  • Fixed compilation for strict C++98 mode (ie not gnu++98) and older compilers (#1103)
  • INFO messages are included in the xml reporter output even without -s specified.



  • The original expression in REQUIRE_FALSE( expr ) is now reporter properly as !( expr ) (#1051)
    • Previously the parentheses were missing and x != y would be expanded as !x != x
  • Approx::Margin is now inclusive (#952)
    • Previously it was meant and documented as inclusive, but the check itself wasn't
    • This means that REQUIRE( 0.25f == Approx( 0.0f ).margin( 0.25f ) ) passes, instead of fails
  • RandomNumberGenerator::result_type is now unsigned (#1050)
  • __JETBRAINS_IDE__ macro handling is now CLion version specific (#1017)
    • When CLion 2017.3 or newer is detected, __COUNTER__ is used instead of
  • TeamCity reporter now explicitly flushes output stream after each report (#1057)
    • On some platforms, output from redirected streams would show up only after the tests finished running
  • ParseAndAddCatchTests now can add test files as dependency to CMake configuration
    • This means you do not have to manually rerun CMake configuration step to detect new tests



  • Evaluation layer has been rewritten (backported from Catch 2)
    • The new layer is much simpler and fixes some issues (#981)
  • Implemented workaround for VS 2017 raw string literal stringification bug (#995)
  • Fixed interaction between [!shouldfail] and [!mayfail] tags and sections
    • Previously sections with failing assertions would be marked as failed, not failed-but-ok
  • Added libidentify support
  • Added “wait-for-keypress” option



  • Catch's runtime overhead has been significantly decreased (#937, #939)
  • Added --list-extra-info cli option (#934).
    • It lists all tests together with extra information, ie filename, line number and description.


  • Truthy expressions are now reconstructed properly, not as booleans (#914)
  • Various warnings are no longer erroneously suppressed in test files (files that include catch.hpp, but do not define CATCH_CONFIG_MAIN or CATCH_CONFIG_RUNNER) (#871)
  • Catch no longer fails to link when main is compiled as C++, but linked against Objective-C (#855)
  • Fixed incorrect gcc version detection when deciding to use __COUNTER__ (#928)
    • Previously any GCC with minor version less than 3 would be incorrectly classified as not supporting __COUNTER__.
  • Suppressed C4996 warning caused by upcoming updated to MSVC 2017, marking std::uncaught_exception as deprecated. (#927)
  • CMake integration script now incorporates debug messages and registers tests in an improved way (#911)
  • Various documentation improvements


  • CATCH_FAIL macro no longer causes compilation error without variadic macro support
  • INFO messages are no longer cleared after being reported once
Improvements and minor changes
  • Catch now uses wmain when compiled under Windows and UNICODE is defined.
    • Note that Catch still officially supports only ASCII


  • Completed the fix for (lack of) uint64_t in earlier Visual Studios


Improvements and minor changes
  • All of Approx's member functions now accept strong typedefs in C++11 mode (#888)
    • Previously Approx::scale, Approx::epsilon, Approx::margin and Approx::operator() didn't.
  • POSIX signals are now disabled by default under QNX (#889)
    • QNX does not support current enough (2001) POSIX specification
  • JUnit no longer counts exceptions as failures if given test case is marked as ok to fail.
  • Catch::Option should now have its storage properly aligned.
  • Catch no longer attempts to define uint64_t on windows (#862)
    • This was causing trouble when compiled under Cygwin
  • Catch is now compiled under MSVC 2017 using std:c++latest (C++17 mode) in CI
  • We now provide cmake script that autoregisters Catch tests into ctest.
    • See contrib folder.


  • Unexpected exceptions are no longer ignored by default (#885, #887)


Improvements and minor changes
  • Catch no longer attempts to ensure the exception type passed by user in REQUIRE_THROWS_AS is a constant reference.
    • It was causing trouble when REQUIRE_THROWS_AS was used inside templated functions
    • This actually reverts changes made in v1.7.2
  • Catch's Version struct should no longer be double freed when multiple instances of Catch tests are loaded into single program (#858)
    • It is now a static variable in an inline function instead of being an externed struct.
  • Attempt to register invalid tag or tag alias now throws instead of calling exit().
    • Because this happen before entering main, it still aborts execution
    • Further improvements to this are coming
  • CATCH_CONFIG_FAST_COMPILE now speeds-up compilation of REQUIRE* assertions by further ~15%.
    • The trade-off is disabling translation of unexpected exceptions into text.
  • When Catch is compiled using C++11, Approx is now constructible with anything that can be explicitly converted to double.
  • Captured messages are now printed on unexpected exceptions
  • Clang‘s -Wexit-time-destructors should be suppressed for Catch’s internals
  • GCC‘s -Wparentheses is now suppressed for all TU’s that include catch.hpp.
    • This is functionally a revert of changes made in 1.8.0, where we tried using _Pragma based suppression. This should have kept the suppression local to Catch‘s assertions, but bugs in GCC’s handling of _Pragmas in C++ mode meant that it did not always work.
  • You can now tell Catch to use C++11-based check when checking whether a type can be streamed to output.
Other notes:
  • We have added VS 2017 to our CI
  • Work on Catch 2 should start soon



Improvements and minor changes
  • TAP reporter now behaves as if -s was always set
    • This should be more consistent with the protocol desired behaviour.
  • Compact reporter now obeys -d yes argument (#780)
    • The format is “XXX.123 s: ” (3 decimal places are always present).
    • Before it did not report the durations at all.
  • XML reporter now behaves the same way as Console reporter in regards to INFO
    • This means it reports INFO messages on success, if output on success (-s) is enabled.
    • Previously it only reported INFO messages on failure.
  • CAPTURE(expr) now stringifies expr in the same way assertion macros do (#639)
  • Listeners are now finally documented.
    • Listeners provide a way to hook into events generated by running your tests, including start and end of run, every test case, every section and every assertion.
  • Catch no longer attempts to reconstruct expression that led to a fatal error (#810)
    • This fixes possible signal/SEH loop when processing expressions, where the signal was triggered by expression decomposition.
  • Fixed (C4265) missing virtual destructor warning in Matchers (#844)
  • std::strings are now taken by const& everywhere (#842).
    • Previously some places were taking them by-value.
  • Catch should no longer change errno (#835).
    • This was caused by libstdc++ bug that we now work around.
  • Catch now provides FAIL_CHECK( ... ) macro (#765).
    • Same as FAIL( ... ), but does not abort the test.
  • Functions like fabs, tolower, memset, isalnum are now used with std:: qualification (#543).
  • Clara no longer assumes first argument (binary name) is always present (#729)
    • If it is missing, empty string is used as default.
  • Clara no longer reads 1 character past argument string (#830)
  • Regression in Objective-C bindings (Matchers) fixed (#854)
Other notes:
  • We have added VS 2013 and 2015 to our CI
  • Catch Classic (1.x.x) now contains its own, forked, version of Clara (the argument parser).



Cygwin issue with gettimeofday - #define was not early enough


New features/ minor changes
  • Matchers have new, simpler (and documented) interface.
  • Changed console reporter test duration reporting format (#322)
    • Old format: Some simple comparisons between doubles completed in 0.000123s
    • New format: xxx.123s: Some simple comparisons between doubles (There will always be exactly 3 decimal places)
  • Added opt-in leak detection under MSVC + Windows (#439)
    • Enable it by compiling Catch's main with CATCH_CONFIG_WINDOWS_CRTDBG
  • Introduced new compile-time flag, CATCH_CONFIG_FAST_COMPILE, trading features for compilation speed.
    • Moves debug breaks out of tests and into implementation, speeding up test compilation time (~10% on linux).
    • More changes are coming
  • Added TAP (Test Anything Protocol) and Automake reporters.
  • XML reporter now reports filename as part of the Section and TestCase tags.
  • Approx now supports an optional margin of absolute error
  • Silenced C4312 (“conversion from int to 'ClassName *”) warnings in the evaluate layer.
  • Fixed C4512 (“assignment operator could not be generated”) warnings under VS2013.
  • Cygwin compatibility fixes
    • Signal handling is no longer compiled by default.
    • Usage of gettimeofday inside Catch should no longer cause compilation errors.
  • Improved -Wparentheses suppression for gcc (#674)
    • When compiled with gcc 4.8 or newer, the suppression is localized to assertions only
    • Otherwise it is supressed for the whole TU
  • Fixed test spec parser issue (with escapes in multiple names)
  • Various documentation fixes and improvements



Fixes and minor improvements


(technically the first two are breaking changes but are also fixes and arguably break few if any people)

  • C-escape control characters instead of XML encoding them (which requires XML 1.1)
  • Revert XML output to XML 1.0
  • Can provide stylesheet references by extending the XML reporter
  • Added description and tags attributes to XML Reporter
  • Tags are closed and the stream flushed more eagerly to avoid stdout interpolation


  • REQUIRE_THROWS_AS now catches exception by const& and reports expected type
  • In SECTIONs the file/ line is now of the SECTION. not the TEST_CASE
  • Added std:: qualification to some functions from C stdlib
  • Removed use of RTTI (dynamic_cast) that had crept back in
  • Silenced a few more warnings in different circumstances
  • Travis improvements


  • Fixed inconsistency in defining NOMINMAX and WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN inside catch.hpp.
  • Fixed SEH-related compilation error under older MinGW compilers, by making Windows SEH handling opt-in for compilers other than MSVC.
  • Fixed compilation error under MinGW caused by improper compiler detection.
  • Fixed XML reporter sometimes leaving an empty output file when a test ends with signal/structured exception.
  • Fixed XML reporter not reporting captured stdout/stderr.
  • Fixed possible infinite recursion in Windows SEH.
  • Fixed possible compilation error caused by Catch's operator overloads being ambiguous in regards to user-defined templated operators.


Features/ Changes:
  • Catch now runs significantly faster for passing tests
    • Microbenchmark focused on Catch's overhead went from ~3.4s to ~0.7s.
    • Real world test using JSON for Modern C++'s test suite went from ~6m 25s to ~4m 14s.
  • Catch can now run specific sections within test cases.
    • For now the support is only basic (no wildcards or tags), for details see the documentation.
  • Catch now supports SEH on Windows as well as signals on Linux.
    • After receiving a signal, Catch reports failing assertion and then passes the signal onto the previous handler.
  • Approx can be used to compare values against strong typedefs (available in C++11 mode only).
    • Strong typedefs mean types that are explicitly convertible to double.
  • CHECK macro no longer stops executing section if an exception happens.
  • Certain characters (space, tab, etc) are now pretty printed.
    • This means that a char c = ' '; REQUIRE(c == '\t'); would be printed as ' ' == '\t', instead of == 9.
  • Text formatting no longer attempts to access out-of-bounds characters under certain conditions.
  • THROW family of assertions no longer trigger -Wunused-value on expressions containing explicit cast.
  • Breaking into debugger under OS X works again and no longer required DEBUG to be defined.
  • Compilation no longer breaks under certain compiler if a lambda is used inside assertion macro.
  • Catch's CMakeLists now defines install command.
  • Catch's CMakeLists now generates projects with warnings enabled.



Features/ Changes:
  • Catch now supports breaking into debugger on Linux
  • Generators no longer leak memory (generators are still unsupported in general)
  • JUnit reporter now reports UTC timestamps, instead of “tbd”
  • CHECK_THAT macro is now properly defined as CATCH_CHECK_THAT when using CATCH_ prefixed macros
  • Types with overloaded && operator are no longer evaluated twice when used in an assertion macro.
  • The use of __COUNTER__ is supressed when Catch is parsed by CLion
    • This change is not active when compiling a binary
  • Approval tests can now be run on Windows
  • CMake will now warn if a file is present in the include folder but not is not enumerated as part of the project
  • Catch now defines NOMINMAX and WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN before including windows.h


Cmake/ projects:
  • Moved CMakeLists.txt to root, made it friendlier for CLion and generating XCode and VS projects, and removed the manually maintained XCode and VS projects.
Features/ Changes:
  • Approx now supports >= and <=
  • Can now use \ to escape chars in test names on command line
  • Standardize C++11 feature toggles
  • Blue shell colour
  • Missing argument to CATCH_CHECK_THROWS
  • Don't encode extended ASCII in XML
  • use std::shuffle on more compilers (fixes deprecation warning/error)
  • Use __COUNTER__ more consistently (where available)
  • Tweaks and changes to scripts - particularly for Approval test - to make them more portable

Even Older versions

Release notes were not maintained prior to v1.6.0, but you should be able to work them out from the Git history