Open Source projects using Catch

Catch is great for open source. With its liberal license and single-header, dependency-free, distribution it‘s easy to just drop the header into your project and start writing tests - what’s not to like?

As a result Catch is now being used in many Open Source projects, including some quite well known ones. This page is an attempt to track those projects. Obviously it can never be complete. This effort largely relies on the maintainers of the projects themselves updating this page and submitting a PR (or, if you prefer contact one of the maintainers of Catch directly, use the forums), or raise an issue to let us know). Of course users of those projects might want to update this page too. That‘s fine - as long you’re confident the project maintainers won‘t mind. If you’re an Open Source project maintainer and see your project listed here but would rather it wasn‘t - just let us know via any of the previously mentioned means - although I’m sure there won't be many who feel that way.

Listing a project here does not imply endorsement and the plan is to keep these ordered alphabetically to avoid an implication of relative importance.

Libraries & Frameworks


Boost Asio style bindings for ZeroMQ.


The core part of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Microsoft Edge.


A, header-only, embedded scripting language designed from the ground up to directly target C++ and take advantage of modern C++ development techniques.


A, single-header-only, type-safe, command line parser - which also prints formatted usage strings.


The next-generation core storage and query engine for Couchbase Lite.


Header-only C++11 library to encode/decode base64, base64url, base32, base32hex and hex (a.k.a. base16) as specified in RFC 4648, plus Crockford's base32.


A High-performance Cluster Computing Engine.


Template Library of Tree Data Structures.


Open source Oracle Tuxedo-like XATMI middleware for C and C++.


A header-only template engine for modern C++.

JSON for Modern C++

A, single-header, JSON parsing library that takes advantage of what C++ has to offer.


A single-header-only library written in C++14 to glue distributed software components (UDP, TCP, shared memory) supporting natively Protobuf, LCM/ZCM, MsgPack, and JSON for dynamic message transformations in-between.


A small and easy to use C++11 library that adds a functionality set that will be available in C++14 and later, as well as some useful additions.


A small C++ library wrapper for the native C ODBC API.


A header-only framework for benchmarking small snippets of C++ code.


The C++ Database Access Library.


A polymorphic value-type for C++.


A C++ client library for Consul. Consul is a distributed tool for discovering and configuring services in your infrastructure.

Reactive-Extensions/ RxCpp

A library of algorithms for values-distributed-in-time.


Wrapper Library for CUDA.


A small, single-header-only, library for wrapping and composing columns of text.


A thread-safe header-only mocking framework for C++14.


A simple header-only C++ argument parser library.

Applications & Tools


ArangoDB is a native multi-model database with flexible data models for documents, graphs, and key-values.

Giada - Your Hardcore Loop Machine

Minimal, open-source and cross-platform audio tool for live music production.


MAME originally stood for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.


Newsbeuter is an open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals.


SpECTRE is a code for multi-scale, multi-physics problems in astrophysics and gravitational physics.


Standardese aims to be a nextgen Doxygen.