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  1. 810b037 android: Add libcatch2-upstream target by Igor Murashkin · 2 months ago master master-cuttlefish-testing-release sdk-release
  2. 4144428 android: Add build rules for static library and self-test by Igor Murashkin · 2 months ago
  3. 1db121d add no-rtti and no-exception support to catch2 by Igor Murashkin · 2 months ago
  4. e78d406 catch_matchers: Fix compilation error with -Wnon-virtual-dtor by Igor Murashkin · 2 months ago
  5. e73879d android: Add metadata files to import into AOSP by Igor Murashkin · 8 months ago

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The latest version of the single header can be downloaded directly using this link

Catch2 is released!

If you've been using an earlier version of Catch, please see the Breaking Changes section of the release notes before moving to Catch2. You might also like to read this blog post for more details.

What's the Catch?

Catch2 stands for C++ Automated Test Cases in a Header and is a multi-paradigm test framework for C++. which also supports Objective-C (and maybe C). It is primarily distributed as a single header file, although certain extensions may require additional headers.

How to use it

This documentation comprises these three parts: