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/* Capstone Disassembly Engine */
/* By Nguyen Anh Quynh <>, 2013-2014 */
#ifndef CS_X86_MAP_H
#define CS_X86_MAP_H
#include "../../include/capstone.h"
#include "../../cs_priv.h"
// map sib_base to x86_reg
x86_reg x86_map_sib_base(int r);
// map sib_index to x86_reg
x86_reg x86_map_sib_index(int r);
// map seg_override to x86_reg
x86_reg x86_map_segment(int r);
// return name of regiser in friendly string
const char *X86_reg_name(csh handle, unsigned int reg);
// given internal insn id, return public instruction info
void X86_get_insn_id(cs_struct *h, cs_insn *insn, unsigned int id);
// return insn name, given insn id
const char *X86_insn_name(csh handle, unsigned int id);
// return group name, given group id
const char *X86_group_name(csh handle, unsigned int id);
// return register of given instruction id
// return 0 if not found
// this is to handle instructions embedding accumulate registers into AsmStrs[]
x86_reg X86_insn_reg_intel(unsigned int id);
x86_reg X86_insn_reg_att(unsigned int id);
bool X86_insn_reg_intel2(unsigned int id, x86_reg *reg1, x86_reg *reg2);
bool X86_insn_reg_att2(unsigned int id, x86_reg *reg1, x86_reg *reg2);
extern uint64_t arch_masks[9];
// handle LOCK/REP/REPNE prefixes
// return True if we patch mnemonic, like in MULPD case
bool X86_lockrep(MCInst *MI, SStream *O);
// map registers to sizes
extern uint8_t regsize_map_32[];
extern uint8_t regsize_map_64[];
void op_addReg(MCInst *MI, int reg);
void op_addImm(MCInst *MI, int v);
void op_addAvxBroadcast(MCInst *MI, x86_avx_bcast v);
void op_addSseCC(MCInst *MI, int v);
void op_addAvxCC(MCInst *MI, int v);
void op_addAvxZeroOpmask(MCInst *MI);
void op_addAvxSae(MCInst *MI);
void op_addAvxRoundingMode(MCInst *MI, int v);