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This directory contains some test code to show how to use Capstone API.
- test.c
This code shows the most simple form of API where we only want to get basic
information out of disassembled instruction, such as address, mnemonic and
operand string.
- test_detail.c:
This code shows how to access to architecture-neutral information in disassembled
instructions, such as implicit registers read/written, or groups of instructions
that this instruction belong to.
- test_skipdata.c:
This code shows how to use SKIPDATA option to skip broken instructions (most likely
some data mixed with instructions) and continue to decode at the next legitimate
- test_iter.c:
This code shows how to use the API cs_disasm_iter() to decode one instruction at
a time inside a loop.
- test_<arch>.c
These code show how to access architecture-specific information for each
- test_winkernel.cpp
This code shows how to use Capstone from a Windows driver.