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Major changes since:
* see the CHANGES file
Major changes in release 1.1.1:
* ares should now compile as C++ code (no longer uses reserved word
* Added SRV support to adig test program.
* Fixed a few error handling bugs in query processing.
Major changes in release 1.1.0:
* Added ares_free_string() function so that memory can be freed in the
same layer as it is allocated, a desirable feature in some
* A few of the ares_dns.h macros are fixed to use the proper bitwise
* Fixed a couple of fenceposts fixed in ares_expand_name()'s
* In process_timeouts(), extract query->next before calling
next_server() and possibly freeing the query structure.
* Casted arguments to ctype macros casted to unsigned char, since not
all char values are valid inputs to those macros according to ANSI.