Fix EDIPartyName parsing and GENERAL_NAME_cmp.

Cherry pick note: Fix for rvc-qpr-dev is required (see bug
for details). Note that this branch is code-frozen due to
FIPS certification, but my understanding is that security
fixes trump that, but that's why I've included the minimal
fix from BoringSSL rather than patching the roll-up CL
from master in aosp/1553538.

See also CVE-2020-1971, f960d81215ebf3f65e03d4d5d857fb9b666d6920, and
aa0ad2011d3e7ad8a611da274ef7d9c7706e289b from upstream OpenSSL.

Unlike upstream's version, this CL opts for a simpler edipartyname_cmp.
GENERAL_NAME_cmp is already unsuitable for ordering, just equality,
which means there's no need to preserve return values from
ASN1_STRING_cmp. Additionally, the ASN.1 structure implies most fields
cannot be NULL.

(The change from other to x400Address is a no-op. They're the same type.
Just x400Address is a little clearer. Historical quirks of the
GENERAL_NAME structure.)

Bug: 175147055
Test: atest boringssl_crypto_test boringssl_ssl_test
Change-Id: Ieffd0cde14d1f93f9ad6a884609ed631b891599b
Merged-In: I1fb4105341a73be9d5f978301f7318e16027f37d
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