Workaround for Clang code coverage profile merging issues. RESTRICT AUTOMERGE

Introduce code-coverage only source changes to work around Clang code
coverage profile merging issues (see b/303264725). These changes make
the code-coverage-instrumented `` instance located in the
(code-coverage-instrumented) ART APEX "different enough" from other
`` instances on the Android OS, so that they have distinct
module signatures.

This is a temporary workaround until a more precise module signature
is implemented in LLVM's profile library.

Test: Run the following commands in a `goog/udc-mainline-prod` tree:
  . build/
  banchan mainline_modules_x86_64
  m adb aapt aapt2
  DIST_DIR=$(pwd)/out/dist TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=userdebug \
    PRODUCT=mainline_modules_x86_64 MODULE_RELEASED_PLATFORM=S \
  acloudw create --local-instance --branch git_udc-release \
    --build-id 11025583 \
    --build-target cf_x86_64_phone-userdebug_coverage \
    --hw-property cpu:8,memory:8g
  adb install \
  adb reboot
  atest art-run-test-001-HelloWorld --experimental-coverage
Bug: 303264725
Ignore-AOSP-First: Change intended for `goog/udc-mainline-prod` only
Change-Id: If6c672f281c820492164340b886b1542ea24f500
1 file changed