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ver 2.0:
Add support for decoding AMP events.
Add support for decoding AMP commands.
Add support for decoding LE advertising reports.
Add support for L2CAP fixed channel information.
Add support for L2CAP ERTM and Streaming Mode.
Make BT-Snoop format the default file format.
Make verbose parsing the default option.
ver 1.42:
Decode the Read Link Policy Settings command.
Decode Default Link Policy Settings commands
Enable PIE by default if supported.
Don't optimize when debug is enabled.
ver 1.41:
Improve decoding of HCI connection link type.
Fix handling of unsupported L2CAP config options.
Add full decoding of L2CAP RFC config option.
Reset to L2CAP basic mode when MTU config request is sent.
ver 1.40:
Add HCI and LMP decoding support for Simple Pairing.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-3.14
ver 1.39:
Add support for daemon discover protocol.
Fix device disconnect handling.
ver 1.38:
Add support for daemon mode.
ver 1.37:
Add decoding for SCO packet flags.
Add decoding for more extended inquiry features.
Add missing HCI command and event decodings.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-3.12
ver 1.36:
Add missing HCI command definitions.
Add missing HCI event definitions.
Add missing HCI error definitions.
ver 1.35:
Add partial decoding for eSCO setup.
Fix HCI command array size.
ver 1.34:
Add reading support for MacOS X packet logger format.
Add decoding for AFH host channel classification command.
Add decoding for QoS setup command.
ver 1.33:
Add support for IPv6 decoding.
Add IPv6 connection support.
ver 1.32:
Add decoding for link supervision timeout change event.
Add decoding for host controller to host flow control setting.
Add decoding for host number of completed packets.
Add decoding for host buffer size command.
Fix OBEX header parsing.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-3.3
ver 1.31:
Add Ericsson LMP decoding support.
Update sniff subrating decoding.
Update UUID and attribute definitions.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-3.0
ver 1.30:
Add decoding for pause encryption feature.
Add generic RFCOMM streaming helpers.
Add HDLC decoding support to the PPP parser.
Add unslip support and basic protocol decoding.
Add PPP extraction support.
Move TCP/IP decoders into a separate file.
Fix DoS problem of the L2CAP parser.
ver 1.29:
Obfuscate the BD_ADDR if no vendor events are requested.
Decode and display binary strings correctly.
Allow null-terminated text strings.
Add definitions for Apple Agent.
Add skeleton for AVCTP parser.
Add skeleton for PPP parser.
ver 1.28:
Add missing UUID definitions and translations.
Add option to disable vendor commands and events.
Add decoding for hold mode, sniff mode and park state.
Add decoding for sniff subrate command complete event.
Decode class of device and BD_ADDR for inquiry filter.
Make it possible to obfuscate pin codes and link keys.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.23
ver 1.27:
Decode the extended inquiry response payload.
Update HCI_DEV_NONE frame format.
Update the CSR PS key handling.
Add another bunch LMP message decodings.
Add compile time buffer checks (FORTIFY SOURCE).
ver 1.26:
Fix memory leak with lmp_vertostr() function.
Fix FHS packet decoding for slave connections.
Add support for decoding more LMP messages.
Display the data of extended inquiry results.
Correct HCI command and event string arrays.
Add SCO audio extraction support.
ver 1.25:
Add new attribute identifiers and UUID definitions.
Add decoding support for extended inquiry response.
Add more detailed BCCMD decoding.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.20
ver 1.24:
Allow selection of system device.
Handle system events and commands.
ver 1.23:
Add decoding support for inquiry scan type.
Fix connection accept timeout and scan enable decoding.
Show human readable timestamps only in verbose decoding mode.
Dump raw BNEP payload only in non-verbose decoding mode.
Update CSR BCCMD support and correct uint32 decoding.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.18
ver 1.22:
Only do verbose decoding when requested.
Fix number of completed packets decoding.
Improve the decoding of CSR vendor commands and events.
Use human readable timestamps.
Add support for the BTSnoop file format.
ver 1.21:
Clear L2CAP states when receiving the HCI disconnect.
Make the OBEX parser aware of that RFCOMM is a stream.
Update HCI verbose decoding routines.
Add CSR verbose decoding support.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.17
ver 1.20:
Workaround for inquiry results with RSSI and page scan mode.
Decode almost every used HCI commands and events.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.16
ver 1.19:
Fix error message decoding.
Add IAC decoding support.
Add LMP parser support.
Add BCCMD decoding support.
Add L2CAP retransmission and flow control decoding.
ver 1.18:
Fix declaration of the SDP data structures.
Extend the HCI verbose decoding support.
ver 1.17:
Add support for HCI verbose decoding.
Add support for L2CAP verbose decoding.
Add first version of the BPA sniffer utility.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.15
ver 1.16:
Add UUID translation for WAP.
Fix display of UUID 128.
Fix display of L2CAP config hint bit and QoS option.
Fix parsing of SDP continuation state.
ver 1.15:
Update the L2CAP channel counting routine.
Fix SBC codec specific decoding.
Fix AVDTP signal channel header decoding.
Add decoding for the AVDTP media channel header.
ver 1.14:
Count the number of L2CAP channels per PSM.
Differ between the AVDTP signal and media channel.
Add full decoding of the AVDTP signal channel information.
ver 1.13:
Update many UUID to text translations.
Add support for sending and receiving dumps over TCP.
Add support for the vendor packets of the Digianswer BPA.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.11
ver 1.12:
Fix whitespace stuff for extended dump.
Add support for dynamic RFCOMM channels.
Add initial OBEX parser support.
ver 1.11:
Trace company id from the chip manufacturer.
Support extended dump functionality.
Use the L2CAP_CONF_RFC_MODE value.
Use bt_get_unaligned() for unaligned access.
Make compiling with debug information optional.
Don't override CFLAGS from configure.
This version needs at least bluez-libs-2.10
ver 1.10:
Fix display of L2CAP CID.
Show L2CAP config values only when they are present.
Decode L2CAP information request and response.
Update autoconf and automake routines.
ver 1.9:
Initial AVDTP parser support.
Various minor fixes and cleanups.
ver 1.8:
Support Bluetooth 1.2 HCI commands and events.
Decode RFCOMM credit based flow control.
ver 1.7:
HCRP parser support.
CAPI parser support.
CMTP reassembly support.
Support for dynamic PSM.
ver 1.6:
HIDP parser support.
Various fixes for the SDP parser.
ver 1.5:
Included man page for hcidump.
Minor fix for HCI grabber.
ver 1.4:
CMTP parser support.
Various fixes for SDP, RFCOMM and BNEP parsers.
ver 1.3:
RFCOMM and BNEP parser fixes.
Use getopt_long instead of argp.
Added --psm option.
Automake build environment.
Other minor fixes.
ver 1.2:
BNEP support.
Correct filter initialization.
Minor fixes.
ver 1.1:
SCO support.
Support for frame time stamps.
RAW mode and other minor fixes.
ver 1.0:
L2CAP fragment reassembly.
RFCOMM parser (Wayne Lee).
SDP parser (Ricky Yuen).
Simple filtering.
ver 0.2:
L2CAP parsing. PSM tracking.
HCI events and commands parsing.
Packet parser moved to unified library (libparser).
HCI socket filter support.
Improved command line option parsing.
Improved output format.
ver 0.1:
Initial implementation.