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# List of plugins that should not be loaded on bluetoothd startup
#DisablePlugins = network,input
# Default adaper name
# %h - substituted for hostname
# %d - substituted for adapter id
Name = "Bluez"
# Default device class. Only the major and minor device class bits are
# considered.
Class = 0x000100
# How long to stay in discoverable mode before going back to non-discoverable
# The value is in seconds. Default is 180, i.e. 3 minutes.
# 0 = disable timer, i.e. stay discoverable forever
DiscoverableTimeout = 120
# How long to stay in pairable mode before going back to non-discoverable
# The value is in seconds. Default is 0.
# 0 = disable timer, i.e. stay pairable forever
PairableTimeout = 0
# Use some other page timeout than the controller default one
# which is 16384 (10 seconds).
PageTimeout = 8192
# Discover scheduler interval used in Adapter.DiscoverDevices
# The value is in seconds. Defaults is 30.
DiscoverSchedulerInterval = 30
# What value should be assumed for the adapter Powered property when
# SetProperty(Powered, ...) hasn't been called yet. Defaults to true
InitiallyPowered = true
# Remember the previously stored Powered state when initializing adapters
RememberPowered = true
# Use vendor, product and version information for DID profile support.
# The values are separated by ":" and VID, PID and version.
DeviceID = android:generic:1.5
# Do reverse service discovery for previously unknown devices that connect to
# us. This option is really only needed for qualification since the BITE tester
# doesn't like us doing reverse SDP for some test cases (though there could in
# theory be other useful purposes for this too). Defaults to true.
ReverseServiceDiscovery = true
# Enable name resolving after inquiry. Set it to 'false' if you don't need
# remote devices name and want shorter discovery cycle. Defaults to 'true'.
NameResolving = true
# Enable runtime persistency of debug link keys. Default is false which
# makes debug link keys valid only for the duration of the connection
# that they were created for.
DebugKeys = false
# Enable Low Energy support if the dongle supports. Default is false.
# Enable/Disable interleave discovery and attribute server over LE.
EnableLE = false
# Enable the GATT Attribute Server. Default is false, because it is only
# useful for testing. Attribute server is not enabled over LE if EnableLE
# is false.
AttributeServer = false
# The link policy for connections. By default it's set to 0x000f which is
# a bitwise OR of role switch(0x0001), hold mode(0x0002), sniff mode(0x0004)
# and park state(0x0008) are all enabled. However, some devices have
# connection stability issue or fail to setup SCO when the link is in park
# state, which requires park state bit cleared.
DefaultLinkPolicy = 0x000f