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* BlueZ - Bluetooth protocol stack for Linux
* Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Nokia Corporation
* Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Marcel Holtmann <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include <bluetooth/bluetooth.h>
#include <bluetooth/sdp.h>
#include <dbus/dbus.h>
#include <glib.h>
#define ADAPTER_INTERFACE "org.bluez.Adapter"
/* Discover types */
#define STD_INQUIRY 0x01
/* Actions executed after inquiry complete */
#define RESOLVE_NAME 0x10
#define MAX_NAME_LENGTH 248
typedef enum {
NAME_NOT_REQUIRED, /* used by get remote name without name resolving */
NAME_REQUIRED, /* remote name needs be resolved */
NAME_REQUESTED, /* HCI remote name request was sent */
NAME_SENT /* D-Bus signal RemoteNameUpdated sent */
} name_status_t;
struct btd_adapter;
struct remote_dev_info {
bdaddr_t bdaddr;
int8_t rssi;
uint32_t class;
char *name;
char *alias;
dbus_bool_t legacy;
name_status_t name_status;
struct hci_dev {
int ignore;
uint8_t features[8];
uint8_t lmp_ver;
uint16_t lmp_subver;
uint16_t hci_rev;
uint16_t manufacturer;
uint8_t ssp_mode;
char name[MAX_NAME_LENGTH + 1];
int adapter_start(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int adapter_stop(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int adapter_update(struct btd_adapter *adapter, uint8_t cls);
int adapter_update_ssp_mode(struct btd_adapter *adapter, uint8_t mode);
struct btd_device *adapter_get_device(DBusConnection *conn,
struct btd_adapter *adapter, const char *address);
struct btd_device *adapter_find_device(struct btd_adapter *adapter, const char *dest);
struct btd_device *adapter_find_connection(struct btd_adapter *adapter, uint16_t handle);
void adapter_remove_device(DBusConnection *conn, struct btd_adapter *adapter,
struct btd_device *device,
gboolean remove_storage);
struct btd_device *adapter_create_device(DBusConnection *conn,
struct btd_adapter *adapter, const char *address);
int pending_remote_name_cancel(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int adapter_resolve_names(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void clear_found_devices_list(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
struct btd_adapter *adapter_create(DBusConnection *conn, int id,
gboolean devup);
void adapter_remove(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
uint16_t adapter_get_dev_id(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
const gchar *adapter_get_path(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void adapter_get_address(struct btd_adapter *adapter, bdaddr_t *bdaddr);
void adapter_set_state(struct btd_adapter *adapter, int state);
int adapter_get_state(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
gboolean adapter_is_ready(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
struct remote_dev_info *adapter_search_found_devices(struct btd_adapter *adapter,
struct remote_dev_info *match);
void adapter_update_found_devices(struct btd_adapter *adapter, bdaddr_t *bdaddr,
int8_t rssi, uint32_t class, const char *name,
const char *alias, gboolean legacy,
name_status_t name_status);
int adapter_remove_found_device(struct btd_adapter *adapter, bdaddr_t *bdaddr);
void adapter_emit_device_found(struct btd_adapter *adapter,
struct remote_dev_info *dev);
void adapter_update_oor_devices(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void adapter_mode_changed(struct btd_adapter *adapter, uint8_t scan_mode);
void adapter_setname_complete(bdaddr_t *local, uint8_t status);
void adapter_update_tx_power(bdaddr_t *bdaddr, uint8_t status, void *ptr);
void adapter_update_local_name(bdaddr_t *bdaddr, uint8_t status, void *ptr);
void adapter_service_insert(const bdaddr_t *bdaddr, void *rec);
void adapter_service_remove(const bdaddr_t *bdaddr, void *rec);
sdp_list_t *adapter_get_services(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void adapter_set_class_complete(bdaddr_t *bdaddr, uint8_t status);
struct agent *adapter_get_agent(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void adapter_add_connection(struct btd_adapter *adapter,
struct btd_device *device, uint16_t handle);
void adapter_remove_connection(struct btd_adapter *adapter,
struct btd_device *device, uint16_t handle);
gboolean adapter_has_discov_sessions(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
struct btd_adapter *btd_adapter_ref(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void btd_adapter_unref(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int btd_adapter_set_class(struct btd_adapter *adapter, uint8_t major,
uint8_t minor);
struct btd_adapter_driver {
const char *name;
int (*probe) (struct btd_adapter *adapter);
void (*remove) (struct btd_adapter *adapter);
typedef void (*service_auth_cb) (DBusError *derr, void *user_data);
int btd_register_adapter_driver(struct btd_adapter_driver *driver);
void btd_unregister_adapter_driver(struct btd_adapter_driver *driver);
int btd_request_authorization(const bdaddr_t *src, const bdaddr_t *dst,
const char *uuid, service_auth_cb cb, void *user_data);
int btd_cancel_authorization(const bdaddr_t *src, const bdaddr_t *dst);
const char *adapter_any_get_path(void);
const char *btd_adapter_any_request_path(void);
void btd_adapter_any_release_path(void);
gboolean adapter_is_pairable(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
gboolean adapter_powering_down(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int btd_adapter_restore_powered(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int btd_adapter_switch_online(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
int btd_adapter_switch_offline(struct btd_adapter *adapter);
struct btd_adapter_ops {
int (*setup) (void);
void (*cleanup) (void);
int (*start) (int index);
int (*stop) (int index);
int (*set_powered) (int index, gboolean powered);
int (*set_connectable) (int index);
int (*set_discoverable) (int index);
int (*set_limited_discoverable) (int index, uint32_t class,
gboolean limited);
int (*start_discovery) (int index, gboolean periodic);
int (*stop_discovery) (int index);
int (*resolve_name) (int index, bdaddr_t *bdaddr);
int (*cancel_resolve_name) (int index, bdaddr_t *bdaddr);
int (*set_name) (int index, const char *name);
int (*read_name) (int index);
int (*set_class) (int index, uint32_t class);
int btd_register_adapter_ops(struct btd_adapter_ops *btd_adapter_ops);
void btd_adapter_cleanup_ops(struct btd_adapter_ops *btd_adapter_ops);
int adapter_ops_setup(void);