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BlueZ D-Bus Manager API description
Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Marcel Holtmann <>
Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Johan Hedberg <>
Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Claudio Takahasi <>
Copyright (C) 2006-2007 Luiz von Dentz <>
Manager hierarchy
Service org.bluez
Interface org.bluez.Manager
Object path /
Methods dict GetProperties()
Returns all global properties. See the
properties section for available properties.
Possible Errors: org.bluez.Error.DoesNotExist
object DefaultAdapter()
Returns object path for the default adapter.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
object FindAdapter(string pattern)
Returns object path for the specified adapter. Valid
patterns are "hci0" or "00:11:22:33:44:55".
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
array{object} ListAdapters() {deprecated}
Returns list of adapter object paths under /org/bluez.
This method is deprecated, instead use the Adapters
Property to get the list of adapter object paths.
Possible errors: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments
Signals PropertyChanged(string name, variant value)
This signal indicates a changed value of the given
AdapterAdded(object adapter)
Parameter is object path of added adapter.
AdapterRemoved(object adapter)
Parameter is object path of removed adapter.
DefaultAdapterChanged(object adapter)
Parameter is object path of the new default adapter.
In case all adapters are removed this signal will not
be emitted. The AdapterRemoved signal has to be used
to detect that no default adapter is selected or
available anymore.
Properties array{object} Adapters [readonly]
List of adapter object paths.