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Demonstrations of vfscount, the Linux eBPF/bcc version.
This counts VFS calls, by tracing all kernel functions beginning with "vfs_":
# ./vfscount
Tracing... Ctrl-C to end.
ffffffff811f3c01 vfs_create 1
ffffffff8120be71 vfs_getxattr 2
ffffffff811f5f61 vfs_unlink 2
ffffffff81236ca1 vfs_lock_file 6
ffffffff81218fb1 vfs_fsync_range 6
ffffffff811ecaf1 vfs_fstat 319
ffffffff811e6f01 vfs_open 475
ffffffff811ecb51 vfs_fstatat 488
ffffffff811ecac1 vfs_getattr 704
ffffffff811ec9f1 vfs_getattr_nosec 704
ffffffff811e80a1 vfs_write 1764
ffffffff811e7f71 vfs_read 2283
This can be useful for workload characterization, to see what types of
operations are in use.
You can edit the script to customize what kernel functions are matched.