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Demonstrations of pidpersec, the Linux eBPF/bcc version.
This shows the number of new processes created per second, measured by tracing
the kernel fork() routine:
# ./pidpersec
Tracing... Ctrl-C to end.
18:33:06: PIDs/sec: 4
18:33:07: PIDs/sec: 5
18:33:08: PIDs/sec: 4
18:33:09: PIDs/sec: 4
18:33:10: PIDs/sec: 21
18:33:11: PIDs/sec: 5
18:33:12: PIDs/sec: 4
18:33:13: PIDs/sec: 4
Each second there are four new processes (this happens to be caused by a
launcher script that is retrying in a loop, and encountering errors).
At 18:33:10, I typed "man ls" in another server session, which caused an
increase in the number of new processes as the necessary commands were run.