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Demonstrations of, the Linux eBPF/bcc version.
This example traces the kernel function performing active TCP IPv4 connections
(eg, via a connect() syscall; accept() are passive connections). Some example
output (IP addresses changed to protect the innocent):
# ./
1479 telnet 23
1469 curl 80
1469 curl 80
This output shows three connections, one from a "telnet" process and two from
"curl". The output details shows the source address, destination address,
and destination port. This traces attempted connections: these may have failed.
The overhead of this tool should be negligible, since it is only tracing the
kernel function performing a connect. It is not tracing every packet and then
This is provided as a basic example of TCP tracing. See tools/tcpconnect for a
more featured version of this example (a tool).