Rework how versioning work.

Instead of listing the version of avbtool that generated the struct
(which is not very useful), convey the minimum required libavb version
needed to parse the structure. This is a lot more useful as it can be
used at runtime to reject updates requiring a newer libavb than what
is on the device (conveyed via androidboot.vbmeta.avb_version).

Also add a human-readable release-string field that describes what
tool (typically avbtool) was used to generate the data. Emphasize that
one cannot make assumptions about the format and it's only there to
aid in debugging. Also make it possible to easily append
build-specific information to this string.

Add a third version number field that can be bumped when doing bug-fix
releases that don't add any new features. This is groundwork needed
for a release process.

Document all this in the README file.

Also rename androidboot.vbmeta.version to androidboot.vbmeta.avb_version
since it conveys the version of libavb used in the bootloader.

Add avb_version_string() and suggest that this should be used in
bootloaders to convey what version of libavb is being used on the
device in debug/diagnostics output. Update examples/uefi to use this.

Bug: 35322304
Bug: 32414650
Test: New unit tests and all unit tests pass.
Test: Manually tested on UEFI based bootloader.
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