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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import functools
import logging
from autotest_lib.client.bin import utils
from autotest_lib.client.common_lib import error
from autotest_lib.server.cros.servo import chrome_ec
def ccd_command(func):
"""Decorator for methods only relevant to devices using CCD."""
def wrapper(instance, *args, **kwargs):
if instance.using_ccd():
return func(instance, *args, **kwargs)"not using ccd. ignoring %s", func.func_name)
return wrapper
class ChromeCr50(chrome_ec.ChromeConsole):
"""Manages control of a Chrome Cr50.
We control the Chrome Cr50 via the console of a Servo board. Chrome Cr50
provides many interfaces to set and get its behavior via console commands.
This class is to abstract these interfaces.
IDLE_COUNT = 'count: (\d+)'
VERSION_FORMAT = '\d+\.\d+\.\d+'
ACTIVE = '\nRW_(A|B): +\* +(%s)(/DBG|)?' % (VERSION_FORMAT)
WAKE_CHAR = '\n'
GETTIME = ['= (\S+)']
UNLOCK = ['Unlock sequence starting. Continue until (\S+)']
FWMP_LOCKED_PROD = ["Managed device console can't be unlocked"]
FWMP_LOCKED_DBG = ['Ignoring FWMP unlock setting']
def __init__(self, servo):
super(ChromeCr50, self).__init__(servo, "cr50_console")
def send_command(self, commands):
"""Send command through UART.
Cr50 will drop characters input to the UART when it resumes from sleep.
If servo is not using ccd, send some dummy characters before sending the
real command to make sure cr50 is awake.
if not self.using_ccd():
super(ChromeCr50, self).send_command(self.WAKE_CHAR)
super(ChromeCr50, self).send_command(commands)
def send_command_get_output(self, command, regexp_list):
"""Send command through UART and wait for response.
Cr50 will drop characters input to the UART when it resumes from sleep.
If servo is not using ccd, send some dummy characters before sending the
real command to make sure cr50 is awake.
if not self.using_ccd():
super(ChromeCr50, self).send_command(self.WAKE_CHAR)
return super(ChromeCr50, self).send_command_get_output(command,
def get_deep_sleep_count(self):
"""Get the deep sleep count from the idle task"""
result = self.send_command_get_output('idle', [self.IDLE_COUNT])
return int(result[0][1])
def clear_deep_sleep_count(self):
"""Clear the deep sleep count"""
result = self.send_command_get_output('idle c', [self.IDLE_COUNT])
if int(result[0][1]):
raise error.TestFail("Could not clear deep sleep count")
def has_command(self, cmd):
"""Returns 1 if cr50 has the command 0 if it doesn't"""
self.send_command_get_output('help', [cmd])
except:"Image does not include '%s' command", cmd)
return 0
return 1
def erase_nvmem(self):
"""Use flasherase to erase both nvmem sections"""
if not self.has_command('flasherase'):
raise error.TestError("need image with 'flasherase'")
self.send_command('flasherase 0x7d000 0x3000')
self.send_command('flasherase 0x3d000 0x3000')
def reboot(self):
"""Reboot Cr50 and wait for CCD to be enabled"""
def rollback(self):
"""Set the reset counter high enough to force a rollback then reboot"""
if not self.has_command('rw') or not self.has_command('eraseflashinfo'):
raise error.TestError("need image with 'rw' and 'eraseflashinfo'")
# Increase the reset count to above the rollback threshold
self.send_command('rw 0x40000128 1')
self.send_command('rw 0x4000012c 15')
def get_version_info(self, regexp):
"""Get information from the version command"""
return self.send_command_get_output('ver', [regexp])[0][1::]
def get_inactive_version_info(self):
"""Get the active partition, version, and hash"""
return self.get_version_info(self.INACTIVE)
def get_active_version_info(self):
"""Get the active partition, version, and hash"""
return self.get_version_info(self.ACTIVE)
def using_servo_v4(self):
"""Returns true if the console is being served using servo v4"""
return 'servo_v4' in self._servo.get_servo_version()
def using_ccd(self):
"""Returns true if the console is being served using CCD"""
return 'ccd_cr50' in self._servo.get_servo_version()
def get_ccd_state(self):
"""Get the CCD state from servo
'off' or 'on' based on whether the cr50 console is working.
return self._servo.get('ccd_state')
def wait_for_ccd_state(self, state, timeout, raise_error=True):
"""Wait up to timeout seconds for CCD to be 'on' or 'off'
state: a string either 'on' or 'off'.
timeout: time in seconds to wait
raise_error: Raise TestFail if the value is state is not reached.
TestFail if ccd never reaches the specified state
""""Wait until ccd is '%s'", state)
value = utils.wait_for_value(self.get_ccd_state, state,
if value != state:
error_msg = "timed out before detecting ccd '%s'" % state
if raise_error:
raise error.TestFail(error_msg)
logging.warning(error_msg)"ccd is '%s'", value)
def wait_for_ccd_disable(self, timeout=60, raise_error=True):
"""Wait for the cr50 console to stop working"""
self.wait_for_ccd_state('off', timeout, raise_error)
def wait_for_ccd_enable(self, timeout=60):
"""Wait for the cr50 console to start working"""
self.wait_for_ccd_state('on', timeout)
def ccd_disable(self):
"""Change the values of the CC lines to disable CCD"""
if self.using_servo_v4():"disable ccd")
self._servo.set_nocheck('servo_v4_dts_mode', 'off')
def ccd_enable(self):
"""Reenable CCD and reset servo interfaces""""reenable ccd")
self._servo.set_nocheck('servo_v4_ccd_mode', 'ccd')
self._servo.set_nocheck('servo_v4_dts_mode', 'on')
self._servo.set_nocheck('power_state', 'ccd_reset')
def lock_enable(self):
"""Enable the lock on cr50"""
# Lock enable can be run, but we won't be able to use the power button
# to disable the lock. Let's not allow the console lock to be enabled
# if it can't be disabled without some change to the test setup
if self.using_ccd():
raise error.TestError("Cannot run 'lock enable' using CCD.")
self.send_command_get_output('lock enable',
['The restricted console lock is enabled'])
def press_pwrbtn_and_get_lock(self):
"""Press the power button then return the lock state"""
return self._servo.get('ccd_lock')
def _attempt_unlock(self):
"""Try to unlock the console.
TestError if the unlock process fails.
# Get the current time.
rv = self.send_command_get_output('gettime', self.GETTIME)
current_time = float(rv[0][1])
# Start the unlock process.
rv = self.send_command_get_output('lock disable', self.UNLOCK)
unlock_finished = float(rv[0][1])
# Calculate the unlock timeout. There is a 10s countdown to start the
# unlock process, so unlock_timeout will be around 10s longer than
# necessary.
unlock_timeout = int(unlock_finished - current_time)'Pressing power button up to %ds to perform unlock',
# Press the power button until the lock is disabled.
lock_state = utils.wait_for_value(self.press_pwrbtn_and_get_lock,
if lock_state != 'off':
raise error.TestError('Could not disable lock')
def lock_disable(self):
"""Increase the console timeout and try disabling the lock."""
# We cannot press the power button using ccd.
if self.using_ccd():
raise error.TestError("Cannot run 'lock disable' using CCD.")
# The unlock process takes a while to start. Increase the cr50 console
# timeout so we can get the entire output of the 'lock disable' start
# process
original_timeout = self._servo.get('cr50_console_timeout')
# Try to disable the lock
# Reset the cr50_console timeout
self._servo.set_nocheck('cr50_console_timeout', original_timeout)'Successfully disabled the lock')