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An Implementation of Anonymous Counting Tokens.

An anonymous counting token (ACT) scheme allows Clients to obtain blind signatures or MACs (aka tokens) on messages of their choice, while at the same time enabling Issuers to enforce rate limits on the number of tokens that a client can obtain for each message. Specifically,

  • Blind issuance: The Issuer doesn't see the message for which a token is being requested
  • Unlinkability: When the Client redeems a token, the token cannot be linked to the issuance phase
  • Throttled issuance on identical messages: The Issuer can detect if a particular Client is requesting a token for a previously used message.

This repository implements a variant of the scheme described in [1], which is secure in the random oracle model under the q-DDHI assumption (in a cyclic group) and the DCR assumption. The variant implemented here relaxes the proven soundness guarantee to the non-concurrent setting. It also assumes that the server generates its parameters correctly. Future versions will support server proofs for correct parameter generation.

This implementation also supports batched token issuance. Batched token issuance can have significant performance benefits as compared to individual token issuance.

[1] “Anonymous Counting Tokens.” Fabrice Benhamouda, Mariana Raykova, Karn Seth.

Building/Running Tests

This repository requires Bazel. You can install Bazel by following the instructions for your platform on the Bazel website.

Once you have installed Bazel you can clone this repository and run all tests that are included by navigating into the root folder and running:

bazel test //...


This is not an officially supported Google product. The code is provided as-is, with no guarantees of correctness or security.