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# This file will be used as .git/hooks/pre-commit .
# However, it should be edited as .git.pre-commit .
# You can install it by running: ant prep
# Fail if any command fails
set -e
# "ant -e check-style" would check every file; on commit we only need to
# check files that changed.
# Need to keep checked files in sync with in
# build.xml. Otherwise `ant reformat` might not reformat a file that this
# hook complains about.
CHANGED_JAVA_FILES=`git diff --staged --name-only --diff-filter=ACM | grep '\.java$' | grep -v '/jdk/' | grep -v 'stubparser/' | grep -v '/eclipse/' ` || true
if [ ! -z "$CHANGED_JAVA_FILES" ]; then
(((cd .run-google-java-format && git pull -q) || git clone -q .run-google-java-format) || true)
## For debugging:
python .run-google-java-format/ --aosp ${CHANGED_JAVA_FILES}
# This is to handle files, since the above already handled .java files.
# May need to remove files that are allowed to have trailing whitespace.
CHANGED_STYLE_FILES=`git diff --staged --name-only --diff-filter=ACM | grep -v '.png$' | grep -v '.xcf$'` || true
if [ ! -z "$CHANGED_STYLE_FILES" ]; then
grep -q '[[:blank:]]$' ${CHANGED_STYLE_FILES} 2>&1 && (echo "Some files have trailing whitespace:" && grep -l '[[:blank:]]$' ${CHANGED_STYLE_FILES} && exit 1)