tree-wide: seccomp: allow new 64bit time syscall variants

Starting with 2.32, as part of the fixes for Year 2038 bug [1],
glibc will call the 64bit variants of the time syscalls.

This is done even on 32bit systems which do not support the new
syscalls (for eg. due to running an old kernel) where an -ENOSYS
is expected before defaulting back to the normal 32bit variants.

There are many y2038 commits in glibc, but for reference, the
one which started the ball is the following ~2.5 years ago:
d51f99ce80 ("Y2038: Add 64-bit time for all architectures")

This change is a bulk edit using the following commands:

grep -rl 'clock_getres: 1' | grep -E 'x86.policy|arm.policy' \
| xargs sed -i '/^clock_getres: 1/a clock_getres_time64: 1'

grep -rl 'clock_gettime: 1' | grep -E 'x86.policy|arm.policy' \
| xargs sed -i '/^clock_gettime: 1/a clock_gettime64: 1'

grep -rl 'clock_nanosleep: 1' | grep -E 'x86.policy|arm.policy' \
| xargs sed -i '/^clock_nanosleep: 1/a clock_nanosleep_time64: 1'


TEST=Local builds and booting on kevin/64/eve/minnie.

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