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Audio thread log viewer

It is a tool to draw a time chart from audio thread log. It can make debug easier.

Prepare an audio thread log

The easiest way to get audio thread log is typing cras_test_client --dump_a in ChromeOS shell.

The format should be like

Audio Thread Event Log:
start at 4434i
2019-07-02T15:30:46.539479158 cras atlog  SET_DEV_WAKE                   dev:7 hw_level:216 sleep:168
2019-07-02T15:30:46.539482658 cras atlog  DEV_SLEEP_TIME                 dev:7 wake: 15:30:46.542974324
2019-07-02T15:30:46.539492991 cras atlog  DEV_SLEEP_TIME                 dev:8 wake: 15:30:46.539358095
2019-07-02T15:30:46.539501241 cras atlog  SLEEP                          sleep:000000000.000000000 longest_wake:001553999

Generate an HTML file

usage: [-h] [-o OUTPUT] [-d] FILE

Draw time chart from audio thread log

positional arguments:
  FILE        The audio thread log file

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -o OUTPUT   The output HTML file (default: view.html)
  -d          Show debug message (default: False)

View the result

Open the output from by Chrome. There are several functions in this site:

  • The blue points show the hardware level change of the audio thread logs. Click a point can jump to a corresponding line in the log area.
  • There are some options can be selected. It can show the event in the chart so that users can easily see when a stream is added, when a stream is fetched , and so on.
  • The textarea in the lower right corner can be used to note.