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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* Remote Stream - An audio steam from/to a client.
#include "buffer_share.h"
#include "cras_apm_list.h"
#include "cras_shm.h"
#include "cras_types.h"
#include "cras_rstream_config.h"
#include "ewma_power.h"
struct cras_connect_message;
struct cras_rclient;
struct dev_mix;
/* Holds informations about the main active device.
* Members:
* dev_id - id of the main device.
* dev_ptr - pointer to the main device.
struct main_dev_info {
int dev_id;
void *dev_ptr;
/* cras_rstream is used to manage an active audio stream from
* a client. Each client can have any number of open streams for
* playing or recording.
* Members:
* stream_id - identifier for this stream.
* stream_type - not used.
* client_type - The client type of this stream, like Chrome, ARC++.
* direction - input or output.
* flags - Indicative of what special handling is needed.
* fd - Socket for requesting and sending audio buffer events.
* buffer_frames - Buffer size in frames.
* cb_threshold - Callback client when this much is left.
* main_dev_info - The info of the main device this stream attaches to.
* is_draining - The stream is draining and waiting to be removed.
* client - The client who uses this stream.
* shm - shared memory
* audio_area - space for playback/capture audio
* format - format of the stream
* next_cb_ts - Next callback time for this stream.
* sleep_interval_ts - Time between audio callbacks.
* last_fetch_ts - The time of the last stream fetch.
* longest_fetch_interval_ts - Longest interval between two fetches.
* start_ts - The time when the stream started.
* first_missed_cb_ts - The time when the first missed callback happens.
* buf_state - State of the buffer from all devices for this stream.
* apm_list - List of audio processing module instances.
* ewma - The ewma instance to calculate stream volume.
* num_attached_devs - Number of iodevs this stream has attached to.
* num_missed_cb - Number of callback schedules have been missed.
* queued_frames - Cached value of the number of queued frames in shm.
* is_pinned - True if the stream is a pinned stream, false otherwise.
* pinned_dev_idx - device the stream is pinned, 0 if none.
* triggered - True if already notified TRIGGER_ONLY stream, false otherwise.
struct cras_rstream {
cras_stream_id_t stream_id;
enum CRAS_STREAM_TYPE stream_type;
enum CRAS_CLIENT_TYPE client_type;
uint32_t flags;
int fd;
size_t buffer_frames;
size_t cb_threshold;
int is_draining;
struct main_dev_info main_dev;
struct cras_rclient *client;
struct cras_audio_shm *shm;
struct cras_audio_area *audio_area;
struct cras_audio_format format;
struct timespec next_cb_ts;
struct timespec sleep_interval_ts;
struct timespec last_fetch_ts;
struct timespec longest_fetch_interval;
struct timespec start_ts;
struct timespec first_missed_cb_ts;
struct buffer_share *buf_state;
struct cras_apm_list *apm_list;
struct ewma_power ewma;
int num_attached_devs;
int num_missed_cb;
int queued_frames;
int is_pinned;
uint32_t pinned_dev_idx;
int triggered;
struct cras_rstream *prev, *next;
/* Creates an rstream.
* Args:
* config - Params for configuration of the new rstream. It's a mutable
* borrow.
* stream_out - Filled with the newly created stream pointer.
* Returns:
* 0 on success, EINVAL if an invalid argument is passed, or ENOMEM if out of
* memory.
int cras_rstream_create(struct cras_rstream_config *config,
struct cras_rstream **stream_out);
/* Destroys an rstream. */
void cras_rstream_destroy(struct cras_rstream *stream);
/* Gets the id of the stream */
static inline cras_stream_id_t
cras_rstream_id(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->stream_id;
/* Gets the total buffer size in frames for the given client stream. */
static inline size_t
cras_rstream_get_buffer_frames(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->buffer_frames;
/* Gets the callback threshold in frames for the given client stream. */
static inline size_t
cras_rstream_get_cb_threshold(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->cb_threshold;
/* Gets the max write size for the stream. */
static inline size_t
cras_rstream_get_max_write_frames(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
if (stream->flags & BULK_AUDIO_OK)
return cras_rstream_get_buffer_frames(stream);
return cras_rstream_get_cb_threshold(stream);
/* Gets the stream type of this stream. */
static inline enum CRAS_STREAM_TYPE
cras_rstream_get_type(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->stream_type;
/* Gets the direction (input/output/loopback) of the stream. */
static inline enum CRAS_STREAM_DIRECTION
cras_rstream_get_direction(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->direction;
/* Gets the format for the stream. */
static inline void cras_rstream_set_format(struct cras_rstream *stream,
const struct cras_audio_format *fmt)
stream->format = *fmt;
/* Sets the format for the stream. */
static inline int cras_rstream_get_format(const struct cras_rstream *stream,
struct cras_audio_format *fmt)
*fmt = stream->format;
return 0;
/* Gets the fd to be used to poll this client for audio. */
static inline int cras_rstream_get_audio_fd(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->fd;
/* Gets the is_draning flag. */
static inline int
cras_rstream_get_is_draining(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->is_draining;
/* Sets the is_draning flag. */
static inline void cras_rstream_set_is_draining(struct cras_rstream *stream,
int is_draining)
stream->is_draining = is_draining;
/* Gets the shm fds used for the stream shm */
static inline int cras_rstream_get_shm_fds(const struct cras_rstream *stream,
int *header_fd, int *samples_fd)
if (!header_fd || !samples_fd)
return -EINVAL;
*header_fd = stream->shm->header_info.fd;
*samples_fd = stream->shm->samples_info.fd;
return 0;
/* Gets the size of the shm area used for samples for this stream. */
static inline size_t
cras_rstream_get_samples_shm_size(const struct cras_rstream *stream)
return cras_shm_samples_size(stream->shm);
/* Gets shared memory region for this stream. */
static inline struct cras_audio_shm *
cras_rstream_shm(struct cras_rstream *stream)
return stream->shm;
/* Checks if the stream uses an output device. */
static inline int stream_uses_output(const struct cras_rstream *s)
return cras_stream_uses_output_hw(s->direction);
/* Checks if the stream uses an input device. */
static inline int stream_uses_input(const struct cras_rstream *s)
return cras_stream_uses_input_hw(s->direction);
static inline int stream_is_server_only(const struct cras_rstream *s)
return s->flags & SERVER_ONLY;
/* Gets the enabled effects of this stream. */
unsigned int cras_rstream_get_effects(const struct cras_rstream *stream);
/* Gets the format of data after stream specific processing. */
struct cras_audio_format *
cras_rstream_post_processing_format(const struct cras_rstream *stream,
void *dev_ptr);
/* Checks how much time has passed since last stream fetch and records
* the longest fetch interval. */
void cras_rstream_record_fetch_interval(struct cras_rstream *rstream,
const struct timespec *now);
/* Requests min_req frames from the client. */
int cras_rstream_request_audio(struct cras_rstream *stream,
const struct timespec *now);
/* Tells a capture client that count frames are ready. */
int cras_rstream_audio_ready(struct cras_rstream *stream, size_t count);
/* Let the rstream know when a device is added or removed. */
void cras_rstream_dev_attach(struct cras_rstream *rstream, unsigned int dev_id,
void *dev_ptr);
void cras_rstream_dev_detach(struct cras_rstream *rstream, unsigned int dev_id);
static inline void *cras_rstream_dev_ptr(struct cras_rstream *rstream,
unsigned int dev_id)
return buffer_share_get_data(rstream->buf_state, dev_id);
/* A device using this stream has read or written samples. */
void cras_rstream_dev_offset_update(struct cras_rstream *rstream,
unsigned int frames, unsigned int dev_id);
void cras_rstream_update_input_write_pointer(struct cras_rstream *rstream);
void cras_rstream_update_output_read_pointer(struct cras_rstream *rstream);
unsigned int cras_rstream_dev_offset(const struct cras_rstream *rstream,
unsigned int dev_id);
static inline unsigned int cras_rstream_level(struct cras_rstream *rstream)
const struct cras_audio_shm *shm = cras_rstream_shm(rstream);
return cras_shm_frames_written(shm);
static inline int cras_rstream_input_level_met(struct cras_rstream *rstream)
const struct cras_audio_shm *shm = cras_rstream_shm(rstream);
return cras_shm_frames_written(shm) >= rstream->cb_threshold;
/* Updates the number of queued frames in shm. The queued frames should be
* updated everytime before calling cras_rstream_playable_frames.
void cras_rstream_update_queued_frames(struct cras_rstream *rstream);
/* Returns the number of playable samples in shm for the given device id. */
unsigned int cras_rstream_playable_frames(struct cras_rstream *rstream,
unsigned int dev_id);
/* Returns the volume scaler for this stream. */
float cras_rstream_get_volume_scaler(struct cras_rstream *rstream);
/* Returns a pointer to readable frames, fills frames with the number of frames
* available. */
uint8_t *cras_rstream_get_readable_frames(struct cras_rstream *rstream,
unsigned int offset, size_t *frames);
/* Returns non-zero if the stream is muted. */
int cras_rstream_get_mute(const struct cras_rstream *rstream);
* Returns non-zero if the stream is pending a reply from client.
* - For playback, stream is waiting for AUDIO_MESSAGE_DATA_READY message from
* client.
* - For capture, stream is waiting for AUDIO_MESSAGE_DATA_CAPTURED message
* from client.
int cras_rstream_is_pending_reply(const struct cras_rstream *stream);
* Reads any pending audio message from the socket.
int cras_rstream_flush_old_audio_messages(struct cras_rstream *stream);
#endif /* CRAS_RSTREAM_H_ */