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#!/bin/bash -x
print_prepare_banner() {
c_info "Preparing device..."
if [ $FULL -eq 1 ]; then
c_info "Doing a full install."
c_info "Doing a base install."
c_info ""
usage() {
c_info "USAGE:"
c_info "adeb"
c_info " shell Enter the androdeb shell environment and get to work!"
c_info " remove Remove androdeb from the device"
c_info " git-pull Git pull androdeb to update it on your host"
c_info " pull Copy files from the androdeb filesystem in the device"
c_info " push Copy files to the androdeb filesystem in the device"
c_info ""
c_info " prepare Prepare the device (when running for the first time)"
c_info " By default, this will download and install a base image."
c_info " ** Folowing are the prepare options **"
c_info " --full Pass this to prepare to download and install the full image which"
c_info " contains compilers, editors, tracers etc."
c_info ""
c_info " --build Instead of download, build and install the image onto the device"
c_info ""
c_info " --archive Use archive for root fs (overrides all other prepare options)"
c_info ""
c_info " --buildtar While preparing, also build a file of the filesystem,"
c_info " this is how images that are downloaded by prepare are built"
c_info ""
c_info " --build-image Build an ext4 .img with the base image and BCC (useful for Qemu)"
c_info ""
c_info " ** Folowing are misc build options **"
c_info " --tempdir Use a specific temporary directory for build operation"
c_info " --arch Specify an ARCH to build for (default arm64)"
c_info " --distro Debian distro to base on (default is buster)"
c_info ""
c_info " ** Folowing are the options for BCC **"
c_info " --bcc Build and install BCC onto the device, from source"
c_info " BCC is already included in 'prepare --full'"
c_info ""
c_info " --kernelsrc Extract kernel headers for BCC from this directory"
c_info ""
c_info " --skip-install Pass this to --kernelsrc if you wish to only extra/install kernel headers"
c_info " and would like to exit after that (skips build/install of everything else)"
c_info ""
c_info " ** Folowing are device specific options ** "
c_info " --device Serial number of adb device."
c_info " -s Serial number of adb device."
c_info ""
c_info " --debug Debug all execution."
exit 1