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#!/bin/bash -x
print_prepare_banner() {
echo "Preparing device..."
echo ""
usage() {
echo "androdeb"
echo " shell Enter the androdeb shell environment and get to work!"
echo ""
echo " prepare Prepare the device (when running for the first time)"
echo " --tracers Enable tracing packages (perf and trace-cmd)"
echo " --compilers Enable compilers on the FS (gcc and clang)"
echo " --editors Enable vim, emacs and git packages"
echo " --scheduler scheduler testing tools (only rt-app for now)"
echo ""
echo " --fullbuild Enable all of the above tools (no BCC)"
echo ""
echo " --download Download full FS archive from web (overrides all tools specified)"
echo " --archive Use archive for root fs (overrides all other prepare options)"
echo ""
echo " --bcc Build and install BCC from source"
echo " --kernelsrc Extract kernel headers for BCC from here"
echo " (use if BCC couldn't find headers on device)"
echo ""
echo " --tempdir Use a specific temporary directory for build operation"
echo " --buildtar Local directory to store tarball of androdeb env from device"
echo " --distro Debian distro to base on (default is buster)"
echo " --device Serial number of adb device."
echo " -s Serial number of adb device."
echo ""
echo " --debug"
exit 1