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Implementation of a CLI command using a MagickWand API
magick -size 100x100 xc:red \
\( rose: -rotate -90 \) \
+append show:
Compile with ImageMagick-devlop installed...
gcc -lMagickWand -lMagickCore wand.c -o wand
Compile and run directly from Source Directory...
gcc -I`pwd` -LMagickWand/.libs -LMagickCore/.libs \
-lMagickWand -lMagickCore $IM_PROG.c -o $IM_PROG
sh ./ $IM_PROG
#include <stdio.h>
#include "MagickWand/MagickWand.h"
/* Simplify the exception handling
* technically we should abort the program if
* severity >= ErrorException
void ThrowWandException(MagickWand *wand)
{ char
(void) fprintf(stderr,"%s %s %lu %s\n",GetMagickModule(),description);
description=(char *) MagickRelinquishMemory(description);
/* useful function especially after appending two wands together */
#define SwapWands(a,b) { MagickWand *tmp=a; a=b; b=tmp; }
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
*red, /* red image wand */
*rose, /* rose image wand */
*output; /* the appended output image */
/* read in the red image */
red = NewMagickWand();
status = MagickReadImage(red, "xc:red" );
if (status == MagickFalse)
/* NOTE ABOUT MagickReadImage()
* Unless the wand is empty set the first/last iterator to determine
* if the read image(s) are to be prepend/append into that wand image
* list.
* Setting a specific index always 'inserts' before that image.
/* read in the rose image */
rose = NewMagickWand();
status = MagickReadImage(rose, "rose:" );
if (status == MagickFalse)
/* rotate the rose image - one image only */
PixelSetColor(color, "white");
status = MagickRotateImage(rose,color,-90.0);
if (status == MagickFalse)
color = DestroyPixelWand(color);
/* append rose image into the red image wand */
rose = DestroyMagickWand(rose); /* finished with 'rose' wand */
/* NOTE ABOUT MagickAddImage()
* Always set the first/last image in the destination wand so that
* IM knows if you want to prepend/append the images into that wands
* image list.
* Setting a specific index always 'inserts' before that image.
/* append all images together to create the output wand */
output = MagickAppendImages(red,MagickFalse);
red = DestroyMagickWand(red); /* finished with 'red' wand */
/* NOTE ABOUT MagickAppendImages()
* It is important to either 'set first' or 'reset' the iterator before
* appending images, as only images from current image onward are
* appended together.
* Also note how a new wand is created by this operation, and that new
* wand does not inherit any settings from the previous wand (at least not
* at this time).
/* Final output */
status = MagickWriteImage(output,"show:");
if (status == MagickFalse)
output = DestroyMagickWand(output);
* The above can be simplified further, though that is not what "magick"
* command would do which we are simulating.
* Specifically you can read the 'rose' image directly on the end of of
* 'red' image wand. Then process just that rose image, even though it is
* sharing the same wand as another image.
* Remember in MagickWand, simple image operators are only applied to the
* current image in the wand an to no other image! To apply a simple image
* operator (like MagickRotateImage()) to all the images in a wand you must
* iterate over all the images yourself.