CDD: Add requirements for the Android Keystore System

REQUIRE hardware-backed keystore implemenations for devices with
a secure lock screen implementation and capable hardware.

REQUIRE keystore implementations to not limit the number
of keys.

REQUIRE rate-limiting the lock screen authentication attempts and
hardware-backed authentication to support base-line security of
authentication-bound keys.

Bug: 19359718
Bug: 22196335

Change-Id: Ib937d0fec43f0dd825a243552d4d2599b7ca8708
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 <p class="toc_h2"><a href="#9_10_verified_boot">9.10. Verified Boot</a></p>
+<p class="toc_h2"><a href="#9_11_keys_and_credentials">9.11. Keys and Credentials</a></p>
 <p class="toc_h1"><a href="#10_software_compatibility_testing">10. Software Compatibility Testing</a></p>
 <p class="toc_h2"><a href="#10_1_compatibility_test_suite">10.1. Compatibility Test Suite</a></p>
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 version of Android, such a device can not add support for this feature with a system software
 update and thus are exempted from the requirement.</p>
+<h2 id="9_11_keys_and_credentials">9.11. Keys and Credentials</h2>
+<p>The Android Keystore System
+[<a href="">Resources, XX</a>]
+allows app developers to store cryptographic keys in a container and use them in cryptographic
+operations through the KeyChain API
+[<a href="">Resources, XX</a>]
+or the Keystore API
+  [<a href="">Resources, XX</a>].
+<p>All Android device implementations MUST meet the following requirements:</p>
+<li>SHOULD not limit the number of keys that can be generated, and MUST at least allow more
+than 8,192 keys to be imported.</li>
+<li>The lock screen authentication MUST rate limit attempts and SHOULD have an exponential
+  backoff algorithm as implemented in the Android Open Source Project.</li>
+<li>When the device implementation supports a secure lock screen and has a secure hardware
+  such as a Secure Element (SE) where a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) can be implemented,
+  then it:
+  <ul>
+  <li>MUST back up the keystore implementation with the secure hardware. The upstream Android
+    Open Source Project provides the Keymaster Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) implementation
+    that can be used to satisfy this requirement.</li>
+  <li>MUST perform the lock screen authentication in the secure hardware and only when successful
+    allow the authentication-bound keys to be used. The upstream Android Open Source Project
+    provides the Gatekeeper Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) that can be used to satisfy this
+    requirement
+    [<a href="">Resources, XX</a>].</li>
+  </ul>
+<p>Note that if a device implementation is already launched on an earlier Android version and has
+  not implemented a trusted operating system on the secure hardware, such a device cannot meet
+  the above TEE-related requirements through a system software update and thus is exempted from these TEE-related requirements.</p>
 <h1 id="10_software_compatibility_testing">10. Software Compatibility Testing</h1>