CDD: Add android.hardware.type.automotive feature for Automotive

Bug: 18265350

Change-Id: I1dd43cde0716c38f4bcdf486fa078a620d7fb2bd
diff --git a/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html b/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
index 516a762..30715eb 100644
--- a/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
+++ b/src/compatibility/android-cdd.html
@@ -425,8 +425,15 @@
 <p><strong>Android Automotive implementation</strong> refers to a vehicle head
 unit running Android as an operating system for part or all of the system and/or
-infotainment functionality. Android Automotive implementations MUST support
-uiMode = UI_MODE_TYPE_CAR [<a href="">Resources, 111</a>].</p>
+infotainment functionality. Android Automotive implementations:</p>
+  <li>MUST declare the feature android.hardware.type.automotive.</li>
+  <li>MUST support
+uiMode = UI_MODE_TYPE_CAR [<a
+    111</a>].</li>
 <p>All Android device implementations that do not fit into any of the above device
 types still MUST meet all requirements in this document to be Android ANDROID_VERSION