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 Because subsequent releases of the Android software may revise this string,
 but not change any API behavior, such releases may not be accompanied by a new
 Compatibility Definition Document. This page lists the versions that are
-allowable by an Android 4.0-based system. The only permitted values for
+allowable by an Android 4.1-based system. The only permitted values for
 `android.os.Build.VERSION.RELEASE` for Android 4.1 are:
 - 4.1
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 ## Initializing Your Repo Client ##
 Follow the [instructions](/source/downloading.html)
-to get and build the Android source code but specify `-b android-4.0.3_r1`
+to get and build the Android source code but specify `-b android-4.1.1_r1`
 when issuing the `repo init` command. This assures that your CTS
 changes will be included in the next CTS release and beyond.
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 Android 4.1.1 is found in the 'android-4.1.1_r1' branch in the open-source tree.
 - [Android 4.1 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD)](4.1/android-4.1-cdd.pdf)
-- [Android 4.1 R3 Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)](
-- [Android 4.1 R2 CTS Verifier](
+- [Android 4.1 R1 Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)](
+- [Android 4.1 R1 CTS Verifier](
 ## Android 4.0.3 ##