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                     <li><a href="<?cs var:toroot ?>devices/tech/security/authentication/km-features.html">Features</a></li>
-                    <li><a href="<?cs var:toroot ?>devices/tech/security/authentication/km-implementer.html">Implementer's Reference</a></li>
+                    <li><a href="<?cs var:toroot ?>devices/tech/security/authentication/km-implementer-ref.html">Implementer's Reference</a></li>
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 send to <a href="keymaster.html">Keymaster</a>. That is, a
 Gatekeeper attestation notifies Keymaster that authentication-bound keys (for
 example, keys that apps have created) can be released for use by apps.</p>
-<h2 id=architecture>Architecture </h2>
+<h2 id=architecture>Architecture</h2>
 <p>Gatekeeper involves three main components:</p>
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 See <a href="#trusty_and_other_implementations">Trusty and other implementations</a>.
-<p>As shown in the following diagram, the LockSettingsService makes a request (via
+<p>As shown in the following diagram, the <code>LockSettingsService</code> makes a request (via
 Binder) that reaches the <code>gatekeeperd</code> daemon in the Android OS. The <code>gatekeeperd</code>
 daemon makes a request that reaches its counterpart (Gatekeeper) in the TEE.</p>
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 the password verification succeeds, the failure counter should be cleared. This
 prevents attacks that prevent throttling by disabling the embedded MMC (eMMC)
 after issuing a <code>verify</code> call. The <code>enroll</code> function also verifies
-the user password (if provided) and so must be
-throttled in the same way.</p>
+the user password (if provided) and so must be throttled in the same way.</p>
 <p>If supported by the device, it is highly recommended that the failure counter
 be written to secure storage. If the device does not support
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 state with the keystore service via an authenticated channel.</p>
-  <li><strong>The keystore service and Keymaster.</strong> Cryptographic services,
+  <li><strong>The keystore service and <a href="keymaster.html">Keymaster</a>.</strong> Cryptographic services,
    including hardware-backed cryptography for key storage,
    which might include a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).</li>
-  <li><a href="gatekeeper.html"><strong>Gatekeeper</strong></a>. Components for PIN, pattern, and password authentication.</li>
-  <li><strong>Fingerprint.</strong> Components for fingerprint authentication.</li>
+  <li><strong><a href="gatekeeper.html">Gatekeeper</a>.</strong> Components for PIN, pattern, and password authentication.</li>
+  <li><strong><a href="fingerprint-hal.html">Fingerprint</a>.</strong> Components for fingerprint authentication.</li>
 <h2 id=architecture>Architecture</h2>