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# Verbose by default. Use -q to make more silent.
if [[ "$1" == "-q" ]]; then V=""; shift; fi
PLATFORMS=( $TEMP_SDK_DIR/platforms/* )
if [[ ${#PLATFORMS[@]} != 1 ]]; then
echo "Error: Too many platforms found in $TEMP_SDK_DIR"
echo "Only one was expected."
echo "Instead, found: ${PLATFORMS[@]}"
exit 1
# Package USB Driver
if [[ -n "$USB_DRIVER_HOOK" ]]; then
# Remove obsolete stuff from tools & platform
rm $V $TOOLS/{adb,android,apkbuilder,ddms,dmtracedump,draw9patch,emulator,etc1tool}
rm $V $TOOLS/{hierarchyviewer,hprof-conv,layoutopt,mksdcard,sqlite3,traceview,zipalign}
rm $V $LIB/*/swt.jar
rm $V $PLATFORM_TOOLS/{aapt,aidl,dx,dexdump}
# Copy all the new stuff in tools
# Note: some tools are first copied here and then moved in platforms/<name>/tools/
cp $V $WIN_OUT_DIR/host/windows-x86/bin/*.{exe,dll} $TOOLS/
mkdir -pv $LIB/x86
cp $V ${TOPDIR}prebuilt/windows/swt/swt.jar $LIB/x86/
mkdir -pv $LIB/x86_64
cp $V ${TOPDIR}prebuilt/windows-x86_64/swt/swt.jar $LIB/x86_64/
# Copy the SDK Manager (aka sdklauncher) to the root of the SDK (it was copied in tools above)
# and move it also in SDK/tools/lib (so that tools updates can update the root one too)
cp $TOOLS/sdklauncher.exe $TEMP_SDK_DIR/"SDK Manager.exe"
mv $TOOLS/sdklauncher.exe $LIB/"SDK Manager.exe"
# Copy the emulator NOTICE in the tools dir
cp $V ${TOPDIR}external/qemu/NOTICE $TOOLS/emulator_NOTICE.txt
# aapt under cygwin needs to have mgwz.dll
[[ -n $NEED_MGWZ ]] && cp $V $CYG_MGWZ_PATH $TOOLS/
# Update a bunch of bat files
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/files/post_tools_install.bat $LIB/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/files/find_java.bat $LIB/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/apkbuilder/etc/apkbuilder.bat $TOOLS/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/ddms/app/etc/ddms.bat $TOOLS/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/traceview/etc/traceview.bat $TOOLS/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/hierarchyviewer/etc/hierarchyviewer.bat $TOOLS/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/layoutopt/app/etc/layoutopt.bat $TOOLS/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/draw9patch/etc/draw9patch.bat $TOOLS/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}sdk/sdkmanager/app/etc/android.bat $TOOLS/
# Put the JetCreator tools, content and docs (not available in the linux SDK)
# need to rm these folders since a Mac SDK will have them and it might create a conflict
rm -rf $V $JET
rm -rf $V $JETDOC
# now create fresh folders for JetCreator
mkdir $V $JET
mkdir $V $JETDOC
cp -r $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/jet_tools/JetCreator $JETCREATOR/
cp -r $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/jet_tools/JetCreator_content $JETDEMOCONTENT/
cp -r $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/jet_tools/logic_templates $JETLOGICTEMPLATES/
chmod $V -R u+w $JETCREATOR # fixes an issue where Cygwin might copy the above as u+rx only
cp $V ${TOPDIR}prebuilt/windows/jetcreator/EASDLL.dll $JETCREATOR/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/docs/JET_Authoring_Guidelines.html $JETDOC/
cp -r $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/docs/JET_Authoring_Guidelines_files $JETDOC/
cp $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/docs/JET_Creator_User_Manual.html $JETDOC/
cp -r $V ${TOPDIR}external/sonivox/docs/JET_Creator_User_Manual_files $JETDOC/
# Copy or move platform specific tools to the default platform.
cp $V ${TOPDIR}dalvik/dx/etc/dx.bat $PLATFORM_TOOLS/
mv $V $TOOLS/{aapt.exe,aidl.exe,dexdump.exe} $PLATFORM_TOOLS/
# When building under cygwin, mgwz.dll must be both in SDK/tools for zipalign
# and in SDK/platform/XYZ/tools/ for aapt
[[ -n $NEED_MGWZ ]] && cp $V $TOOLS/mgwz.dll $PLATFORM_TOOLS/
# Fix EOL chars to make window users happy - fix all files at the top level
# as well as all batch files including those in platforms/<name>/tools/
find $TEMP_SDK_DIR -maxdepth 1 -name "*.[ht]*" -type f -print0 | xargs -0 unix2dos
find $TEMP_SDK_DIR -maxdepth 3 -name "*.bat" -type f -print0 | xargs -0 unix2dos
# Just to make it easier on the build servers, we want fastboot and adb (and its DLLs)
# next to the new SDK, so up one dir.
for i in fastboot.exe adb.exe AdbWinApi.dll AdbWinUsbApi.dll; do
cp -f $V $WIN_OUT_DIR/host/windows-x86/bin/$i $TEMP_SDK_DIR/../$i