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# Quick semi-auto file to build Windows SDK tools.
# Limitations and requirements:
# - Expects the emulator has been built first, will pick it up from prebuilt.
# - Run in Cygwin
# - Expects to have one of the existing SDK (Darwin or Linux) to build the Windows one
# - Needs Cygwin packages: autoconf, bison, curl, flex, gcc, g++, git,
# gnupg, make, mingw-zlib, python, zip, unzip
# - Must NOT have cygwin package readline (its GPL license might taint the SDK if
# it gets compiled in)
# - Does not need a Java Development Kit or any other tools outside of cygwin.
# - If you think you may have Windows versions of tools (e.g. make) installed, it may
# reduce confusion levels to 'export PATH=/usr/bin'
SDK_ZIP="$1"; shift
DIST_DIR="$1"; shift
TEMP_DIR="$1"; shift
[ -z "$TEMP_DIR" ] && TEMP_DIR=${TMP:-/tmp}
set -e # Fail this script as soon as a command fails -- fail early, fail fast
function die() {
echo "Error:" $*
echo "Aborting"
exit 1
function usage() {
local NAME
NAME=`basename ${PROG_NAME}`
echo "Usage: ${NAME} output_dir [temp_dir]"
echo "If temp_dir is not given, \$TMP is used. If that's missing, /tmp is used."
exit 2
function status() {
echo "Current values:"
echo "- Input SDK: ${SDK_ZIP:-missing}"
echo "- Output dir: ${DIST_DIR:-missing}"
echo "- Temp dir: ${TEMP_DIR:-missing}"
function check() {
[ -f "$SDK_ZIP" ] || usage
[ -d "$DIST_DIR" ] || usage
# We need mgwz.dll in the SDK when compiling with Cygwin 1.5
# Right now we don't support building with Cygwin 1.7 yet, as it lacks this DLL.
# We can skip this check for debug purposes.
echo $*
[[ "$1" == "-no-mgwz" ]] && NEED_MGWZ=""
[[ -n $NEED_MGWZ && ! -f $CYG_MGWZ_PATH ]] && \
die "Cygwin is missing $CYG_MGWZ_PATH. Use -no-mgwz to override."
# Use the BUILD_ID as SDK_NUMBER if defined, otherwise try to get it from the
# provided zip filename.
if [ -f config/build_id.make ]; then
BUILD_ID=`cat config/build_id.make | sed -n '/BUILD_ID=/s/^[^=]\+=\(.*\)$/\1/p'`
if [ -z "$SDK_NUMBER" ]; then
# Look for a pattern like "anything_sdknumber.extension"
# The pattern is now "any-thing_sdknumber_anything-else.extension"
# The bottom line is that the SDK number is whatever is enclosed by
# the LAST couple of underscores. You can have underscores *before* the
# SDK number if you want, but not after, e.g these are valid:
# or
# Note that the root directory name in the zip must match the zip
# name, too, so there's no point just changing the zip name to match
# the above format.
# SDK_NUMBER will be empty if nothing matched.
filename=`basename "$SDK_ZIP"`
SDK_NUMBER=`echo $filename | sed -n 's/^.*_\([^_./]\+\)_[^_.]*\..*$/\1/p'`
[ -n "$SDK_NUMBER" ] || die "Failed to extract the SDK number from $SDK_ZIP. Check its format."
[ $OSTYPE == "cygwin" ] || die "This expects to run under Cygwin"
[ -e `which zip` ] || die "Please install 'zip' package in Cygwin"
[ -f "build/" ] || die "Please run this from the 'android' directory"
echo "Using SDK ${SDK_NUMBER}"
function build() {
# IMPORTANT: For Cygwin to be able to build Android targets here,
# you will generally need to edit build/core/ and add directories
# where makefiles are to be found to the SDK_ONLY==true section.
echo "Building..."
[ -n "$MAKE_OPT" ] && echo "Make options: $MAKE_OPT"
. build/
# Disable parallel build: it generates "permission denied" issues when
# multiple "ar.exe" are running in parallel.
make \
aapt adb aidl \
etc1tool \
prebuilt \
dexdump dmtracedump \
fastboot \
hprof-conv \
mksdcard \
sdklauncher sqlite3 \
zipalign \
|| die "Build failed"
# Fix permissions. Git/cygwin may not make this +x as needed.
chmod +x prebuilt/windows/sdl/bin/sdl-config
# It's worth building the emulator with -j 4 so do it separately
make -j 4 emulator || die "Build failed"
function package() {
echo "Packaging..."
# Unzip current linux/mac SDK and rename using the windows name
[ -e "$TEMP_SDK_DIR" ] && rm -rfv "$TEMP_SDK_DIR" # cleanup dest first if exists
UNZIPPED=`basename "$SDK_ZIP"`
[ -e "$UNZIPPED" ] && rm -rfv "$UNZIPPED" # cleanup unzip dir (if exists)
unzip "$SDK_ZIP" -d "$TEMP_DIR"
# Assert that the package contains only one platform
echo "Platform found: " $THE_PLATFORM
[[ -d "$THE_PLATFORM" ]] || die \
"Error: One platform was expected in $SDK_ZIP. " \
"Instead found " $THE_PLATFORM
[[ -d "$PLATFORM_TOOLS" ]] || die "Missing folder $PLATFORM_TOOLS."
# Package USB Driver
if type package_usb_driver 2>&1 | grep -q function ; then
package_usb_driver $TEMP_SDK_DIR
# Remove obsolete stuff from tools & platform
rm -v "$TOOLS"/{adb,android,apkbuilder,ddms,dmtracedump,draw9patch,emulator,etc1tool}
rm -v "$TOOLS"/{hierarchyviewer,hprof-conv,layoutopt,mksdcard,sqlite3,traceview,zipalign}
rm -v "$LIB"/*/swt.jar
rm -v "$PLATFORM_TOOLS"/{aapt,aidl,dx,dexdump}
# Copy all the new stuff in tools
# Note: some tools are first copied here and then moved in platforms/<name>/tools/
cp -v out/host/windows-x86/bin/*.{exe,dll} "$TOOLS"/
mkdir -pv "$LIB"/x86
cp -v prebuilt/windows/swt/swt.jar "$LIB"/x86/
mkdir -pv "$LIB"/x86_64
cp -v prebuilt/windows-x86_64/swt/swt.jar "$LIB"/x86_64/
# Copy the SDK Manager (aka sdklauncher) to the root of the SDK (it was copied in tools above)
# and move it also in SDK/tools/lib (so that tools updates can update the root one too)
cp "$TOOLS/sdklauncher.exe" "$TEMP_SDK_DIR/SDK Manager.exe"
mv "$TOOLS/sdklauncher.exe" "$LIB/SDK Manager.exe"
# If you want the emulator NOTICE in the tools dir, uncomment the following line:
# cp -v external/qemu/NOTICE "$TOOLS"/emulator_NOTICE.txt
# We currently need libz from MinGW for aapt
[[ -n $NEED_MGWZ ]] && cp -v $CYG_MGWZ_PATH "$TOOLS"/
# Update a bunch of bat files
cp -v sdk/files/post_tools_install.bat "$LIB"/
cp -v sdk/files/find_java.bat "$LIB"/
cp -v sdk/apkbuilder/etc/apkbuilder.bat "$TOOLS"/
cp -v sdk/ddms/app/etc/ddms.bat "$TOOLS"/
cp -v sdk/traceview/etc/traceview.bat "$TOOLS"/
cp -v sdk/hierarchyviewer/etc/hierarchyviewer.bat "$TOOLS"/
cp -v sdk/layoutopt/app/etc/layoutopt.bat "$TOOLS"/
cp -v sdk/draw9patch/etc/draw9patch.bat "$TOOLS"/
cp -v sdk/sdkmanager/app/etc/android.bat "$TOOLS"/
# Put the JetCreator tools, content and docs (not available in the linux SDK)
# need to rm these folders since a Mac SDK will have them and it might create a conflict
rm -rfv "$JET"
rm -rfv "$JETDOC"
# now create fresh folders for JetCreator
mkdir -v "$JET"
mkdir -v "$JETDOC"
cp -rv external/sonivox/jet_tools/JetCreator "$JETCREATOR"/
cp -rv external/sonivox/jet_tools/JetCreator_content "$JETDEMOCONTENT"/
cp -rv external/sonivox/jet_tools/logic_templates "$JETLOGICTEMPLATES"/
chmod -vR u+w "$JETCREATOR" # fixes an issue where Cygwin might copy the above as u+rx only
cp -v prebuilt/windows/jetcreator/EASDLL.dll "$JETCREATOR"/
cp -v external/sonivox/docs/JET_Authoring_Guidelines.html "$JETDOC"/
cp -rv external/sonivox/docs/JET_Authoring_Guidelines_files "$JETDOC"/
cp -v external/sonivox/docs/JET_Creator_User_Manual.html "$JETDOC"/
cp -rv external/sonivox/docs/JET_Creator_User_Manual_files "$JETDOC"/
# Copy or move platform specific tools to the default platform.
cp -v dalvik/dx/etc/dx.bat "$PLATFORM_TOOLS"/
mv -v "$TOOLS"/{aapt.exe,aidl.exe,dexdump.exe} "$PLATFORM_TOOLS"/
# Note: mgwz.dll must be both in SDK/tools for zipalign and in SDK/platform/XYZ/tools/ for aapt
[[ -n $NEED_MGWZ ]] && cp -v "$TOOLS"/mgwz.dll "$PLATFORM_TOOLS"/
# Fix EOL chars to make window users happy - fix all files at the top level only
# as well as all batch files including those in platforms/<name>/tools/
find "$TEMP_SDK_DIR" -maxdepth 1 -type f -writable -print0 | xargs -0 unix2dos -D
find "$TEMP_SDK_DIR" -maxdepth 3 -name "*.bat" -type f -writable -print0 | xargs -0 unix2dos -D
# Done.. Zip it. Clean the temp folder ONLY if the zip worked (to ease debugging)
pushd "$TEMP_DIR" > /dev/null
[ -e "$DEST_NAME_ZIP" ] && rm -rfv "$DEST_NAME_ZIP"
zip -9r "$DEST_NAME_ZIP" "$DEST_NAME" && rm -rfv "$DEST_NAME"
popd > /dev/null
# Now move the final zip from the temp dest to the final dist dir
# We want fastboot and adb (and its DLLs) next to the new SDK
for i in fastboot.exe adb.exe AdbWinApi.dll AdbWinUsbApi.dll; do
cp -vf out/host/windows-x86/bin/$i "$DIST_DIR"/$i
echo "Done"
echo "Resulting SDK is in $DIST_DIR/$DEST_NAME_ZIP"
check $*
echo "Done"