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LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
# The source files for this library are _all_ generated, something we don't do
# anywhere else, and the rules don't support. Aditionally, the depenencies on
# these files don't really matter, because they are all generated as part of
# building the docs. So for the dependency, we just use the
# api-stubs-timestamp file, which is the $@ of the droiddoc rule.
# We also need to depend on framework-res.apk, in order to pull the
# resource files out of there for aapt.
# Normally the package rule runs aapt, which includes the resource,
# but we're not running that in our package rule so just copy in the
# resource files here.
intermediates := $(TARGET_OUT_COMMON_INTERMEDIATES)/JAVA_LIBRARIES/android_stubs_current_intermediates
full_target := $(intermediates)/classes.jar
src_dir := $(intermediates)/src
classes_dir := $(intermediates)/classes
framework_res_package := $(call intermediates-dir-for,APPS,framework-res)/package.apk
$(full_target): PRIVATE_SRC_DIR := $(src_dir)
$(full_target): PRIVATE_INTERMEDIATES_DIR := $(intermediates)
$(full_target): PRIVATE_CLASS_INTERMEDIATES_DIR := $(classes_dir)
$(full_target): PRIVATE_FRAMEWORK_RES_PACKAGE := $(framework_res_package)
$(full_target): $(OUT_DOCS)/api-stubs-timestamp $(framework_res_package)
@echo Compiling SDK Stubs: $@
$(hide) find $(PRIVATE_SRC_DIR) -name "*.java" > \
$(hide) $(TARGET_JAVAC) -encoding ascii -bootclasspath "" \
-g $(xlint_unchecked) \
\@$(PRIVATE_INTERMEDIATES_DIR)/java-source-list \
|| ( rm -rf $(PRIVATE_CLASS_INTERMEDIATES_DIR) ; exit 41 )
$(hide) if [ ! -f $(PRIVATE_FRAMEWORK_RES_PACKAGE) ]; then \
exit 1; \
$(hide) (cd $(PRIVATE_CLASS_INTERMEDIATES_DIR) && rm -rf classes.dex META-INF)
$(hide) mkdir -p $(dir $@)
$(hide) jar -cf $@ -C $(PRIVATE_CLASS_INTERMEDIATES_DIR) .
.PHONY: android_stubs
android_stubs: $(full_target)
# The real rules create a javalib.jar that contains a classes.dex file. This
# code is never going to be run anywhere, so just make a copy of the file.
# The package installation stuff doesn't know about this file, so nobody will
# ever be able to write a rule that installs it to a device.
$(dir $(full_target))javalib.jar: $(full_target)
$(hide)$(ACP) $< $@
android_jar_intermediates := $(TARGET_OUT_COMMON_INTERMEDIATES)/PACKAGING/android_jar_intermediates
android_jar_full_target := $(android_jar_intermediates)/android.jar
$(android_jar_full_target): $(full_target)
@echo Package SDK Stubs: $@
$(hide)mkdir -p $(dir $@)
$(hide)$(ACP) $< $@
ALL_SDK_FILES += $(android_jar_full_target)