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<p>A sample application that demonstrates Android's search framework.</p>
<p>This application includes a dictionary of words. By invoking a search inside the app
(via the device search button or Menu > Search), a local search will be performed
across the dictionary. As you type, suggestions will appear, which you can select
to view the full definition. You can also execute the search to view all word definitions
that match the entered text.</p>
<p>The application also grants content provider privileges to
Quick Search Box, Android's system-wide search tool. This means that the
dictionary definitions can be offered as search suggestions outside of the application,
when text is entered into Quick Search Box.</p>
<p>See also:</p>
<li><a href="../../../reference/android/app/SearchManager.html">SearchManager</a></li>
<li><a href="../../../reference/android/content/ContentProvider.html">ContentProvider</a></li>
<img src="../images/SearchableDictionary1.png" />
<img src="../images/SearchableDictionary2.png" />