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 <p>This is actually the source of an old incarnation of the default Home application,
 which may look familiar if you played with some of the older pre-1.0 SDKs.</p>
-<img alt="" src="/guide/samples/images/HomeSample.png" />
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+<img alt="" src="../images/HomeSample.png" />
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 <p>JetBoy is a sample game that demonstrates the use of the 
-<a href="/reference/android/media/JetPlayer.html"></a> 
+<a href="../../../reference/android/media/JetPlayer.html"></a> 
 class to implement an interactive music soundtrack in an application. JetBoy uses 
-<a href="/guide/topics/media/index.html#jet">JET content created with
+<a href="../../../guide/topics/media/index.html#jet">JET content created with
 JetCreator</a> and game-generated events fed to JetPlayer 
 to adapt the soundtrack to the user actions. Listen to how the melody picks 
 up when you start shooting asteroids, how you are congratulated when you 
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
 <p><strong>See also:</strong><br/>
-<a href="/guide/topics/media/jet/jetcreator_manual.html">SONiVOX JETCreator User Manual</a><br/>
-<a href="/reference/android/media/JetPlayer.html">JetPlayer class</a></p>
+<a href="../../../guide/topics/media/jet/jetcreator_manual.html">SONiVOX JETCreator User Manual</a><br/>
+<a href="../../../reference/android/media/JetPlayer.html">JetPlayer class</a></p>
-<img alt="" src="/guide/samples/images/JetBoy.png"  />
+<img alt="" src="../images/JetBoy.png"  />
diff --git a/samples/LunarLander/_index.html b/samples/LunarLander/_index.html
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-<img alt=""  src="/guide/samples/images/sample_lunarlander.png" >
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+<img alt=""  src="../images/sample_lunarlander.png" >
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diff --git a/samples/NotePad/_index.html b/samples/NotePad/_index.html
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 <p class="note">Please notice that this is not the same
-notepad code that's used for the <a href="/guide/tutorials/notepad/index.html">Notepad Tutorial</a>. 
+notepad code that's used for the <a href="../../../guide/tutorials/notepad/index.html">Notepad Tutorial</a>. 
 They are similar in nature, but there are several differences in implementation &mdash; the tutorial
 is slightly more simple. If you're new to 
 Android development, we suggest you start with the tutorial, then visit this
 code later to see more sample code.</p>
-<img alt="" src="/guide/samples/images/sample_notepad.png" />
-<img alt="" src="/guide/samples/images/sample_note.png" />
+<img alt="" src="../images/sample_notepad.png" />
+<img alt="" src="../images/sample_note.png" />
diff --git a/samples/SearchableDictionary/_index.html b/samples/SearchableDictionary/_index.html
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+<p>A sample application that demonstrates Android's search framework.</p>
+<p>This application includes a dictionary of words. By invoking a search inside the app
+(via the device search button or Menu > Search), a local search will be performed
+across the dictionary. As you type, suggestions will appear, which you can select
+to view the full definition. You can also execute the search to view all word definitions
+that match the entered text.</p>
+<p>The application also grants content provider privileges to 
+Quick Search Box, Android's system-wide search tool. This means that the
+dictionary definitions can be offered as search suggestions outside of the application,
+when text is entered into Quick Search Box.</p>
+<p>See also:</p>
+  <li><a href="../../../reference/android/app/SearchManager.html">SearchManager</a></li>
+  <li><a href="../../../reference/android/content/ContentProvider.html">ContentProvider</a></li>
+<img src="../images/SearchableDictionary1.png" />
+<img src="../images/SearchableDictionary2.png" />
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diff --git a/samples/Snake/_index.html b/samples/Snake/_index.html
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@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@
 request draws to the screen. A great example of a basic game that does not
 require a fast framerate.</p>
-<img alt="" src="/guide/samples/images/Snake.png" />
+<img alt="" src="../images/Snake.png" />
diff --git a/samples/SoftKeyboard/_index.html b/samples/SoftKeyboard/_index.html
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 a basic example for how you would get started writing an input method, to
 be fleshed out as appropriate.</p>
-<img alt="" src="/guide/samples/images/SoftKeyboard.png" />
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+<img alt="" src="../images/SoftKeyboard.png" />
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