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This is a simple app that can be used as a tutorial or reference benchmark
for the development of the DDMS native heap tracker feature. It contains 3
unique paths to allocate heap chunks:
1) Java_com_android_benchmark_moarram_MainActivity_add32ByteBlocksNative in
foo.c ( Each invocation will allocate 32 bytes.
2) Java_com_android_benchmark_moarram_MainActivity_add2MByteBlocksNative in
bar.c ( Each invocation will allocate 2M bytes.
3) Java_com_android_benchmark_moarram_MainActivity_addVariableSizedBlocksNative
in baz.c ( Each invocation will allocate 17 or 71 bytes,
depending on the active button in a radio group.
Each allocation can be freed by clicking the corresponding free button in the
NOTE 09/16/2013
A new feature is added to force a double free. Both debug libc and Valgrind can capture it.