Translator: fix eglGetProcAddress() on Linux

Our implementation of eglGetProcAddress() resolves the function addresses
in run time. Typically this is not an issue, but when a gl function is
also implemented by the calling app the address was resolved to the calling
app's version of the function rather than ours. This is the case with the
glDrawTex{isfx}OES functions in the 1.1 conformance test.
The solution is to add the -Bsymbolic switch when linking our libraries,
so all symbol resolution is done internaly.
The same fix should probably be done for Mac.
diff --git a/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/EGL/ b/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/EGL/
index 9fcf9ce..1109f12 100644
--- a/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/EGL/
+++ b/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/EGL/
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
 ifeq ($(HOST_OS),linux)
     OS_SRCS = EglX11Api.cpp
-     LOCAL_LDLIBS += -lX11 -lGL -ldl -lpthread
+    LOCAL_LDLIBS += -lX11 -lGL -ldl -lpthread
 ifeq ($(HOST_OS),darwin)
diff --git a/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/GLcommon/ b/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/GLcommon/
index 9ad9c31..78d8e50 100644
--- a/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/GLcommon/
+++ b/tools/emulator/opengl/host/libs/Translator/GLcommon/
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
 ifeq ($(HOST_OS),linux)
 #    $(call emugl-export,LDFLAGS,-Wl,--whole-archive)
     $(call emugl-export,LDLIBS,-lGL -ldl)
+    GL_COMMON_LINKER_FLAGS := -Wl,-Bsymbolic
+    $(call emugl-export,LDFLAGS,$(GL_COMMON_LINKER_FLAGS))
 ifeq ($(HOST_OS),windows)