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<p>A sample application that demonstrates Android's pluggable voice recognition framework.</p>
<p>This application includes a
<a href="src/com/example/android/voicerecognitionservice/VoiceRecognitionService.html">
sample voice recognition service</a> (a subclass of
<code><a href="../../../reference/android/speech/RecognitionService.html">RecognitionService</a></code>),
and a <a href="src/com/example/android/voicerecognitionservice/VoiceRecognitionSettings.html">
settings activity</a> for that service. It shows the basic skeleton for setting up a recognition
service and exposing its settings activity to settings.</p>
<p>The behavior is extremely simple - it does no real voice recognition, and just returns a
fixed set of results immediately. The results can be either a set of letters or numbers, as
chosen by the user in the simplistic settings activity.</p>
<p>Installing this application onto a device that already has a voice recognition service
available will expose a new option under "voice input &amp; output" settings, to let the
user choose between the multiple services.</p>
<p>Note that due to its simplicity, this voice recognition service is not compatible with
every application that wishes to use voice recognition. For example, because Google's
VoiceSearch application relies on more than just simple text results, it may not work
as expected if this sample recognition service is chosen in settings. Other simpler
applications, like voice input on the keyboard (e.g., in LatinIME), are more likely to
work as expected - returning just the very simple list of results to the application.</p>
<p>See also:</p>
<li><a href="../../../reference/android/speech/RecognitionService.html">RecognitionService</a></li>