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<p>The Support v13 Demos application contains a variety of small sample
code showing how to use key features of the Android API 13+ Support Library.
This library contains code that you can
build in to your application to access new features and common
utilities while being able to run down to version 3.2 (API 13)
of the platform.
<script type="text/javascript">
// This is a totally temporary hack to display the following content only
// when the docs are online. This will be changed once the samples get moved.
if (toRoot == "/") {
"<p>You'll notice that all the samples are included in a single Android "+
"project, so the application code and other resource files for all samples are batched "+
"together. Current samples are only for the fragment and loader in the "+
"application part of the support library:</p>"+
"<ul><li><a href='src/com/example/android/supportv13/app/index.html'>App</a></li></ul>");