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<p>A simple note pad application.
It demonstrates:</p>
<li>Using views</li>
<li>Accessing a database</li>
<li>Using an intent to open a new window</li>
<li>Managing activity lifecycle</li>
<li>Creating <a href="../../../reference/android/provider/LiveFolders.html">Live Folders</a></li>
<li>And more...</li>
<p class="note">Please notice that this is not the same
notepad code that's used for the <a href="../../../guide/tutorials/notepad/index.html">Notepad Tutorial</a>.
They are similar in nature, but there are several differences in implementation &mdash; the tutorial
is slightly more simple. If you're new to
Android development, we suggest you start with the tutorial, then visit this
code later to see more sample code.</p>
<img alt="" src="../images/sample_notepad.png" />
<img alt="" src="../images/sample_note.png" />