AdbWinUsbApi.dll: fix race condition crash in WinUsb.dll

There is a race condition in AdbWinUsbApi.dll where AdbCloseHandle() of an
interface would clobber the WinUsb handles, causing a concurrent
Adb{Read,Write}EndpointSync() to crash.

The fix is to make AdbCloseHandle(endpoint) set a flag to prevent future IOs
from starting up, abort any pending IOs, and wait for the pending IOs to abort.
Adb{Read,Write}EndpointSync() participates in this scheme.

There is still a race condition if the caller calls AdbCloseHandle(interface)
before calling AdbCloseHandle(endpoint). No AOSP code does this and assuming
that this never happens simplifies the fix.

This fix also ignores Adb{Read,Write}EndpointAsync() (the async APIs) since
those APIs are unused by AOSP.

This fix should not affect devices whose vendor supplies Windows USB drivers
that use a 'legacy kernel driver'. This causes AdbWinApi.dll to call a 'legacy
kernel driver' instead of AdbWinUsbApi.dll (which uses WinUsb.dll which uses a
kernel driver included with Windows). The source code for the 'legacy kernel
driver' was deleted from AOSP over 4 years ago, so it is probably deprecated
(I don't know the official status of it). Even so, I wouldn't be surprised if
some modern 3rd party devices were still using the legacy driver or a similar
driver derived from the original source code.

Also in this change:

 - Added a test case to adb_winapi_test that reproduces the race condition and
   verifies the fix.

 - adb_winapi_test misc: more strictly check return values and error codes,
   symbolize some dumped data to make things more readable, disable old test
   code that looked for specific hardware, test AdbGetInterfaceName() the same
   way adb uses it, fix dumping of initial "handshake".

 - Increased AdbWinUsbApi.dll file version info from to

 - Update AdbWinUsbApi.dll in prebuilt tree.

 - Include AdbWinUsbApi.pdb (debugging symbols) so the DLL can be debugged in
   the future (or at least so crash addresses can be manually symbolized).

 - Update AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll, adb_winapi_test.exe build
   environments to WDK 7.1.0, which seems to be the publicly available closest
   version to what built the last version of these files.

   This entailed modifying SOURCES files to use USE_NATIVE_EH=1 instead of
   USER_C_FLAGS=/EHsc, removing /Wp64, manually setting DLL base addresses to
   the old address, using DEBUG_CRTS=1 to pickup the debug ATL for checked

 - Update BUILDME.TXT files with up-to-date instructions.

 - For source files that are already majority CRLF, make the whole file CRLF.

 - Update SOURCES to explicitly set Windows Vista as the target. This means
   that future rebuilders don't need to worry as much about their build


Change-Id: I30a4e2ff3919929001c2319c4bb80354f7bcfda0
Signed-off-by: Spencer Low <>
18 files changed