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# Copyright 2009, The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Utility to find instrumentation test definitions from file system."""
# python imports
import os
# local imports
import android_build
import android_mk
import gtest
import instrumentation_test
import logger
class TestWalker(object):
"""Finds Android tests from filesystem."""
def FindTests(self, path):
"""Gets list of Android tests found at given path.
Tests are created from info found in and AndroidManifest.xml
files relative to the given path.
Currently supported tests are:
- Android application tests run via instrumentation
- native C/C++ tests using GTest framework. (note must follow
expected GTest template)
FindTests will first scan sub-folders of path for tests. If none are found,
it will scan the file system upwards until a valid test is found
or the Android build root is reached.
Some sample values for path:
- a parent directory containing many tests:
ie development/samples will return tests for instrumentation's in ApiDemos,
ApiDemos/tests, Notepad/tests etc
- a java test class file
ie ApiDemos/tests/src/../ will return a test for
the instrumentation in ApiDemos/tests, with the class name filter set to
- a java package directory
ie ApiDemos/tests/src/com/example/android/apis will return a test for
the instrumentation in ApiDemos/tests, with the java package filter set
TODO: add GTest examples
path: file system path to search
list of test suites that support operations defined by
if not os.path.exists(path):
logger.Log('%s does not exist' % path)
return []
realpath = os.path.realpath(path)
# ensure path is in ANDROID_BUILD_ROOT
self._build_top = os.path.realpath(android_build.GetTop())
if not self._IsPathInBuildTree(realpath):
logger.Log('%s is not a sub-directory of build root %s' %
(path, self._build_top))
return []
# first, assume path is a parent directory, which specifies to run all
# tests within this directory
tests = self._FindSubTests(realpath, [])
if not tests:
logger.SilentLog('No tests found within %s, searching upwards' % path)
tests = self._FindUpstreamTests(realpath)
return tests
def _IsPathInBuildTree(self, path):
"""Return true if given path is within current Android build tree.
path: absolute file system path
True if path is within Android build tree
return os.path.commonprefix([self._build_top, path]) == self._build_top
def _MakePathRelativeToBuild(self, path):
"""Convert given path to one relative to build tree root.
path: absolute file system path to convert.
The converted path relative to build tree root.
ValueError: if path is not within build tree
if not self._IsPathInBuildTree(path):
raise ValueError
build_path_len = len(self._build_top) + 1
# return string with common build_path removed
return path[build_path_len:]
def _FindSubTests(self, path, tests, upstream_build_path=None):
"""Recursively finds all tests within given path.
path: absolute file system path to check
tests: current list of found tests
upstream_build_path: the parent directory where that builds
sub-folders was found
updated list of tests
if not os.path.isdir(path):
return tests
android_mk_parser = android_mk.CreateAndroidMK(path)
if android_mk_parser:
build_rel_path = self._MakePathRelativeToBuild(path)
if not upstream_build_path:
# haven't found a parent makefile which builds this dir. Use current
# dir as build path
android_mk_parser, path, build_rel_path))
tests.extend(self._CreateSuites(android_mk_parser, path,
# TODO: remove this logic, and rely on caller to collapse build
# paths via make_tree
# Try to build as much of original path as possible, so
# keep track of upper-most parent directory where was found
# that has rule to build sub-directory makefiles.
# this is also necessary in case of overlapping tests
# ie if a test exists at 'foo' directory and 'foo/sub', attempting to
# build both 'foo' and 'foo/sub' will fail.
if android_mk_parser.IncludesMakefilesUnder():
# found rule to build sub-directories. The parent path can be used,
# or if not set, use current path
if not upstream_build_path:
upstream_build_path = self._MakePathRelativeToBuild(path)
upstream_build_path = None
for filename in os.listdir(path):
self._FindSubTests(os.path.join(path, filename), tests,
return tests
def _FindUpstreamTests(self, path):
"""Find tests defined upward from given path.
path: the location to start searching.
list of test_suite.AbstractTestSuite found, may be empty
factory = self._FindUpstreamTestFactory(path)
if factory:
return factory.CreateTests(sub_tests_path=path)
return []
def _GetTestFactory(self, android_mk_parser, path, build_path):
"""Get the test factory for given makefile.
If given path is a valid tests build path, will return the TestFactory
for creating tests.
android_mk_parser: the android mk to evaluate
path: the filesystem path of the makefile
build_path: filesystem path for the directory
to build when running tests, relative to source root.
the TestFactory or None if path is not a valid tests build path
if android_mk_parser.HasGTest():
return gtest.GTestFactory(path, build_path)
elif instrumentation_test.HasInstrumentationTest(path):
return instrumentation_test.InstrumentationTestFactory(path,
# somewhat unusual, but will continue searching
logger.SilentLog('Found makefile at %s, but did not detect any tests.'
% path)
return None
def _GetTestFactoryForPath(self, path):
"""Get the test factory for given path.
If given path is a valid tests build path, will return the TestFactory
for creating tests.
path: the filesystem path to evaluate
the TestFactory or None if path is not a valid tests build path
android_mk_parser = android_mk.CreateAndroidMK(path)
if android_mk_parser:
build_path = self._MakePathRelativeToBuild(path)
return self._GetTestFactory(android_mk_parser, path, build_path)
return None
def _FindUpstreamTestFactory(self, path):
"""Recursively searches filesystem upwards for a test factory.
path: file system path to search
the TestFactory found or None
factory = self._GetTestFactoryForPath(path)
if factory:
return factory
dirpath = os.path.dirname(path)
if self._IsPathInBuildTree(path):
return self._FindUpstreamTestFactory(dirpath)
logger.Log('A tests was not found')
return None
def _CreateSuites(self, android_mk_parser, path, upstream_build_path):
"""Creates TestSuites from a AndroidMK.
android_mk_parser: the AndroidMK
path: absolute file system path of the makefile to evaluate
upstream_build_path: the build path to use for test. This can be
different than the 'path', in cases where an upstream makefile
is being used.
the list of tests created
factory = self._GetTestFactory(android_mk_parser, path,
if factory:
return factory.CreateTests(path)
return []