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# Copyright (C) 2008 The Android Open Source Project
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Assemble the Platform Development Kit (PDK)
# (TODO) Figure out why $(ACP) builds with target pndk but not pdk_docs
@echo "Package: $@ has targets pndk, pdk_docs and pdk_all"
pdk_all: pndk pdk_docs
@echo "Package: $^"
LOCAL_PATH := $(call my-dir)
# Make the Native Development Kit (Code examples)
# Allows vendors to build shared libraries without entire source tree.
# This include adds /pndk to LOCAL_PATH, so can't use it afterwards...
include $(LOCAL_PATH)/pndk/
# Make the Plaftorm Development Kit Documentation.
# Doxygenize the header files to create html docs in the generatedDocs dir.
# Copy the appengine files, the template files and the generated html
# to the docs dir and zip everything up to the distribution directory.
# Run javadocs/droiddocs/clearsilver on the generatedDocs dir to get the right
# styles added to the html.
# Workspace directory
pdk_docs_intermediates := $(call intermediates-dir-for,PACKAGING,pdkdocs)
# Source directories for appengine, templates, config & header files
pdk_hosting_dir := development/pdk/hosting
pdk_templates_dir := development/pdk/docs
pdk_config_dir := development/pdk/doxygen_config
pdk_docsfile_dir := $(pdk_config_dir)/docsfiles
pdk_legacy_hardware_dir := hardware/libhardware_legacy/include/hardware_legacy
pdk_hardware_dir := hardware/libhardware/include/hardware
pdk_camera_dir := frameworks/base/include/camera
# Destination directory for docs (templates + doxygenated headers)
pdk_docs_dest_dir := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/docs/porting
pdk_app_eng_root := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/docs
# Working directory for source to be doxygenated
pdk_doxy_source_dir := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/sources
# Working directory for html, et al. after doxygination
pdk_generated_source_dir := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/generatedDocs/html
# Working directory for .dox files
pdk_doxy_docsfiles_dir := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/docsfiles
# Doxygen version to use, so we can override it on the command line
# doxygen 1.5.6 working, the latest version get-apt installable on ghardy.
# with bug fix for </div> error.
doxygen_version = doxygen
# Header files to doxygenize.
# Add new header files to document here, also adjust the templates to have
# descriptions for the new headers and point to the new doxygen created html.
pdk_headers := \
$(pdk_legacy_hardware_dir)/AudioHardwareInterface.h \
$(pdk_hardware_dir)/gps.h \
$(pdk_legacy_hardware_dir)/wifi.h \
$(pdk_camera_dir)/CameraHardwareInterface.h \
$(pdk_hardware_dir)/sensors.h \
# Create a rule to copy the list of PDK headers to be doxyginated.
# copy-one-header defines the actual rule.
$(foreach header,$(pdk_headers), \
$(eval _chFrom := $(header)) \
$(eval _chTo := $(pdk_doxy_source_dir)/$(notdir $(header))) \
$(eval $(call copy-one-header,$(_chFrom),$(_chTo))) \
$(eval all_copied_pdk_headers: $(_chTo)) \
_chFrom :=
_chTo :=
# Assemble all the necessary doxygen config files and the sources into the
# working directories
pdk_templates := $(shell find $(pdk_templates_dir) -type f)
# Create a rule to copy the list of PDK doc templates.
# copy-one-file defines the actual rule.
$(foreach template,$(pdk_templates), \
$(eval _chFrom := $(template)) \
$(eval _chTo := $(pdk_app_eng_root)/$(patsubst $(pdk_templates_dir)/%,%,$(template))) \
$(eval $(call copy-one-header,$(_chFrom),$(_chTo))) \
$(eval all_copied_pdk_templates: $(_chTo)) \
_chFrom :=
_chTo :=
# Copy newer doxygen config file (basic configs, should not change very often.)
pdk_doxygen_config_file := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/pdk_config.conf
$(pdk_doxygen_config_file): $(pdk_config_dir)/pdk_config.conf
@echo "PDK: $@"
# Copy newer doxygen override config file (may change these more often.)
pdk_doxygen_config_override_file := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/overrideconfig.conf
$(pdk_doxygen_config_override_file): $(pdk_config_dir)/overrideconfig.conf
@echo "PDK: $@"
# (TODO) Get the latest templates
# Copy newer doxygen html files.
$(pdk_docs_intermediates)/header.html: $(pdk_config_dir)/header.html
@echo "PDK: $@"
$(pdk_docs_intermediates)/footer.html: $(pdk_config_dir)/footer.html
@echo "PDK: $@"
# Copy newer doxygen .dox files
$(pdk_doxy_docsfiles_dir)/groups.dox: $(pdk_docsfile_dir)/groups.dox
@echo "PDK: $@"
$(pdk_doxy_docsfiles_dir)/main.dox: $(pdk_docsfile_dir)/main.dox
@echo "PDK: $@"
# All the files that we depend upon
all_pdk_docs_files := $(pdk_doxygen_config_override_file) \
$(pdk_doxygen_config_file) $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/header.html \
$(pdk_docs_intermediates)/footer.html $(pdk_doxy_docsfiles_dir)/groups.dox \
$(pdk_doxy_docsfiles_dir)/main.dox all_copied_pdk_templates \
# Run doxygen and copy all output and templates to the final destination
# We replace index.html with a template file so don't use the generated one
pdk_doxygen: all_copied_pdk_headers $(pdk_doxygen_config_override_file) \
$(pdk_doxygen_config_file) $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/header.html \
$(pdk_docs_intermediates)/footer.html $(pdk_doxy_docsfiles_dir)/groups.dox \
@echo "Files for Doxygination: $^"
@mkdir -p $(pdk_generated_source_dir)
@rm -f $(pdk_generated_source_dir)/*
@cd $(pdk_docs_intermediates) && $(doxygen_version) pdk_config.conf
@mkdir -p $(pdk_docs_dest_dir)
@cd $(pdk_generated_source_dir) && chmod ug+rx *
@rm -f $(pdk_generated_source_dir)/index.html
# Fix a doxygen bug: in *-source.html file insert '</div>\n' after line 25
# @$(pdk_hosting_dir)/ $(pdk_generated_source_dir)
@cp -fp $(pdk_generated_source_dir)/* $(pdk_docs_dest_dir)
@rm $(pdk_generated_source_dir)/*
# ==== docs for the web (on the google app engine server) =======================
# Run javadoc/droiddoc/clearsilver to get the formatting right
# make droiddocs run after we make our doxygen docs
$(pdk_docs_intermediates)/pdk-timestamp: pdk_doxygen all_copied_pdk_templates
@touch $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/pdk-timestamp
$(LOCAL_PATH)/pdk-timestamp: $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/pdk-timestamp
include $(CLEAR_VARS)
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := pdk-timestamp samples/samplejni/src/com/example/jniexample/
LOCAL_MODULE_CLASS := development/pdk/pndk/samples/samplejni/src/com/example/jniexample
LOCAL_DROIDDOC_HTML_DIR := ../../../$(pdk_app_eng_root)
LOCAL_MODULE := online-pdk
-toroot / \
-hdf android.whichdoc online \
-hdf android.whichmodule $(LOCAL_MODULE)
LOCAL_DROIDDOC_CUSTOM_TEMPLATE_DIR := build/tools/droiddoc/templates-pdk
# The docs output dir is: out/target/common/docs/online-pdk
# Copy appengine server files for new system
$(OUT_DOCS)/app.yaml: $(pdk_hosting_dir)/app.yaml
@echo "PDK: $@"
# Name the tar files
name := android_pdk_docs-$(REQUESTED_PRODUCT)
ifeq ($(TARGET_BUILD_TYPE),debug)
name := $(name)_debug
name := $(name)-$(BUILD_NUMBER)
pdk_docs_tarfile := $(pdk_docs_intermediates)/$(name).tar
pdk_docs_tarfile_zipped := $(pdk_docs_tarfile).gz
.PHONY: pdk pdk_docs pdk_doxygen all_copied_pdk_headers all_copied_pdk_templates pdk-timestamp
pdk_docs: $(pdk_docs_tarfile_zipped) $(pdk_docs_tarfile)
@echo "PDK: Docs tarred and zipped"
# Put the pdk_docs zip files in the distribution directory
$(call dist-for-goals,pdk_docs,$(pdk_docs_tarfile_zipped))
# zip up tar files
%.tar.gz: %.tar
@echo "PDK docs: zipped $<"
$(hide) gzip -cf $< > $@
# tar up all the files to make the pdk docs.
$(pdk_docs_tarfile): $(DOCS_OUT_DIR)-timestamp $(OUT_DOCS)/app.yaml
@echo "PDK docs: $@"
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
@rm -f $@
$(hide) tar rf $@ -C $(OUT_DOCS) $(LOCAL_MODULE) app.yaml
# Debugging reporting can go here, add it as a target to get output.
@echo "You are here: $@"
@echo "pdk headers copied: $(all_copied_pdk_headers)"
@echo "pdk headers: $(pdk_headers)"
@echo "pdk docs dest: $(pdk_docs_dest_dir)"
@echo "config dest: $(pdk_doxygen_config_file)"
@echo "config src: $(pdk_config_dir)/pdk_config.conf"
@echo "pdk templates: $(pdk_templates_dir)"