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Repo Pull pulls multiple change lists from a Gerrit code review website. A user may specify a query string and will pull the matching change lists.

For example, to pull the repo-pull-initial-cl topic from AOSP, run this command: pull 'topic:repo-pull-initial-cl' \

Read Usage and Examples for more details.

Installation requires .gitcookies to access Gerrit APIs. Please check whether the Gerrit Code Review URL is in ~/.gitcookies.

If you don't have an entry, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Gerrit Code Review.

  2. Click Settings -> HTTP Credentials

  3. Click Obtain password

  4. Copy the highlighted shell commands and paste them in a terminal.

Note: You must repeat these for each Gerrit Code Review websites.


Command line usages:

$ [sub-command] [query] \
               [-g gerrit] \
               [-b local-topic-branch] \
               [-j num-threads] \
               [--limits max-num-changes]

Three sub-commands are supported:

  • json prints the change lists in the JSON file format.

  • bash prints the bash commands that can pull the change lists.

  • pull pulls the change lists immediately.

Query String

[query] is the query string that can be entered to the Gerrit search box.

These are common queries:

  • topic:name
  • hashtag:name
  • branch:name
  • project:name
  • owner:name
  • is:open | is:merged | is:abandoned
  • message:text


  • -g or --gerrit specifies the URL of the Gerrit Code Review website.

  • -b or --branch specifies the local branch name that will be passed to repo start.

  • -j or --parallel specifies the number of parallel threads while pulling change lists.

  • -n or --limits specifies the maximum number of change lists. (default: 1000)

  • -m or --merge specifies the method to pick the merge commits. (default: merge-ff-only)

  • -p or --pick specifies the method to pick the non-merge commits. (default: pick)

    • pick maps to git cherry-pick --allow-empty
    • merge maps to git merge --no-edit
    • merge-ff-only maps to git merge --no-edit --ff-only
    • merge-no-ff maps to git merge --no-edit --no-ff
    • reset maps to git reset --hard
    • checkout maps to git checkout


To print the change lists with the topic repo-pull-initial-cl in JSON file format: json 'topic:repo-pull-initial-cl' \

To print the bash commands that can pull the change lists, use the bash command: bash 'topic:repo-pull-initial-cl' \
    -g \
    -b my-local-topic-branch

To pull the change lists immediately, use the pull command: pull 'topic:repo-pull-initial-cl' \
    -g \
    -b my-local-topic-branch